Alcohol Has A Fine Line Between Friend And Foe

Alcohol Has A Fine Line Between Friend And Foe

Alcohol - friend or foe?

For non-addicts, the mere thought that someone would allow himself/herself to fall into addiction is bizarre. In fact, they can’t seem to comprehend how on Earth  a person can continue to drink knowing how much this behavior is damaging them. The answer to this dilemma is that alcohol becomes your best friend, at least at the beginning. When life is hard and people around you are ruthless and self centered, drinking gives you comfort and helps you escape the harsh reality.

Jack Was My Best Friend

Even when I was starting to realize that my drinking was having a negative impact on everything around me, I still didn’t want to put the blame on alcohol. Not only did it help me relax and unwind, but I also knew I can rely on Jack to help me forget all about the problems I had with my manager at the office. I felt that I it was my only life preserver: regardless of how irritated I got at work, I knew that once I had my first glass of whiskey all that bitterness, stress, and annoyance would vanish.

Alcohol Gives You wings, But it Takes Away the Sky

I want to point out that if alcohol had provided me with the same comfort and relief as in the early days, I would have never given it up. Now, here I am still recovering from the addiction that had affected every little aspect of my life. As I sank deeper into alcoholism, I learned that there’s a price associated with alcohol abuse. In short, from the dearest friend that I could always rely on, Jack became a very demanding mistress.

As I see it, the main setback of alcohol abuse is that you always need more to reach the same effect. The more you consume, the more damage it will do to the body and mind. In addition, while alcohol helps you forget all about your problems, it doesn’t solve them, and the longer you choose to ignore them, the more difficulties you will encounter. What is even worse is that after a while, alcohol is no longer the reliable tool you used to resort to in order to cope with life’s problems; in fact, it becomes your master.

You Can Break Free

If alcoholics continue to drink and ignore the consequences around them, then their actions will lead to insanity and death. Given the grim perspective, you might ask yourself why would someone willingly choose such a path. I for one was unwilling to give up alcohol simply because of all the good old times we shared. I strongly believed and truly hoped that those times will return one day.

Luckily, I realized what alcohol was doing to my life before it was too late. While back then I believed alcohol helped me cope with numerous frustrating situations, it was nothing more than an illusion. Instead of the mental clarity and happiness I thought I was getting out of this “relationship”, I ended up being a slave.

Take note that all these good things and happiness I’m talking about do exist. However, the only way you can obtain them is by giving up alcohol and becoming clean and sober. By giving up the fake bliss provided by alcohol, you will again be able to face life rather than hide from it.