How to Succeed in Recovery with Alcohol Drug Detox

How to Succeed in Recovery with Alcohol Drug Detox


If you are struggling with addiction and alcoholism then you might look into alcohol drug detox as a solution for getting yourself clean and sober.  What detox really becomes is the starting point of your new life in recovery (if you want it to be).  Make a decision to stay clean and sober and then get yourself into treatment and get detoxed from the drugs and alcohol.  Then you can start learning a new way to live.  Yes, it really is that simple…but it is not necessarily easy to do.  It is not easy and if you look at the numbers they will confirm this.  Many people go into treatment every day and very few stay clean and sober over the long haul.

Given that depressing fact, what can you do to insure that your case is the exception, and that you stay clean and sober for years to come following detox?  Here are 2 things you can do that helped me to make it work (8 years + and counting now):

1) Listen to what they tell you – if you could stop drinking on your own then you would.  Period.  But you can’t.  So you don’t.  This is alcoholism in a nutshell.

You need help in order to recover.  If you go to drug rehab and then ignore what they tell you to do, or turn up your nose at their advice, then you are just shooting yourself in the foot.  Why did you go to alcohol rehab to begin with?  You went to get help.  That help comes in only 2 forms: getting physically sober and getting new information.  You need new information in order to learn how to live without drugs.  Keep your mind open and take in the strategies they present to you.

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2) Follow through – there is only one secret to staying sober.  Massive action.  And it starts when you leave alcohol detox, not when you are in treatment.  When you set foot back into the real world, that is when you need to put your nose to the grindstone and make something happen.  If you are going to attend 12 step meetings, go to several every day.  If you are going to go to counseling, go as often as you can and apply everything you learn.  If you are going to help others in recovery, then get involved and get motivated and take it way over the top.  If you want to stay sober then go big or go home.  Anything less and you will relapse for sure.

Remember, the key is massive action.  Don’t just take small steps and expect to recover.  Go big.  Change your whole life.  Get radical.