Getting the Alcohol Detox Help You Need

Getting the Alcohol Detox Help You Need


If you start shaking when you quit drinking then you probably need some alcohol detox help.  The best thing you can do is to get yourself into an alcohol treatment center or a detox unit with medical supervision.  This is important if you are shaking or showing other signs of serious alcohol withdrawal, as this condition is dangerous and even life threatening.  It is not something to play around with so if you have signs of serious withdrawal then you should get medical attention fast.

Some of the signs of alcohol withdrawal include:

1) Shaking of the hands

2) Seizures

3) Sensitivity to light and sound

4) Headache

5) Sweats, especially night sweats when trying to sleep

6) Restlessness

7) Anxiety

8) Seeing things that are not there, hallucinating

9) Hearing things that are not there, hallucinating

10) Tactile disturbances, such as feeling pins and needle sensations on the skin or like bugs are crawling on or under the skin.

What you are really concerned with is the possibility of a seizure or the hallucinations. Either one really represents full blown alcohol withdrawal and that is a very dangerous condition to be in.  Being in a treatment center is the best plan for anyone who is physically addicted to alcohol.  Now if you can quit drinking on a regular basis and do not experience any of these symptoms, then there is probably not much danger for  you and your level of physical addiction is not a big problem.  But if you are getting the shakes when you stop drinking suddenly, then that is a big warning flag that you will probably need a medically supervised detox.

Who is likely to need detox help for alcohol?  People who have been drinking really heavily or for a really long time will definitely need help for alcohol detox. The longer you have been abusing alcohol, the more likely you are to need help.  Also, the greater the quantity that you consume, the more likely it is that you will need detox help.

Now after you get into detox and get dried out from alcohol then you need to take some serious action when it comes to learning a new way to live.  If all you do is sober up and then return back to your old environment then you are likely to relapse.  You need to get a program in your life and take massive action every single day in order to make the big changes necessary to have a clean and sober life.  Follow up detox with a solid plan and you can start enjoying a new life of sobriety.

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