A Message to Young Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

A Message to Young Drug Addicts and Alcoholics


So you are young and you’re on drugs.

We get it, you’re cool.

The thing is, you’re gonna die or go to prison.

Imagine yourself after you’re dead.  Really think about this for a moment.

You, gone.

Now consider the alternative: let’s say you’re facing 20 years in prison.  It’s easy to say “20 years” out loud like that.  But to actually sit in a cell and realize that you won’t be able to walk around freely for 20 more years?  Imagine yourself in that position.  Really think about sitting in a jail cell, and realizing that you will not get out for 20 more years, because you ran someone over while you were drunk.  Or got busted with a few pounds of drugs.  Or whatever.

Now, realize that everyone who is in that position (in prison) is still being cool!  They are some of the coolest cats around, those hard core dudes in prison.  They were so cool that they get to waste their entire life behind bars.  All because they couldn’t drop their fatally cool image.  They glorified drugs and the lifestyle that went with them, right up to when the judge brought down the gavel.  Now they are prison.  Stuck.  Powerless.  Most of them are still trying to be cool.

Is that how cool you are?  That you are willing to throw away your life and go rot in prison for the next few decades, just because you could not get your drug problem under control?  Or because you really liked drinking and driving?

Is it really worth it?

I can tell you that it is not worth it.  But of course, to anyone who is trapped in addiction, it doesn’t matter.  You hear these arguments, and of course you do not really want to end up dead or in jail or in prison, but it doesn’t matter.

It doesn’t matter because you can’t stop using.  You are trapped in a cycle of addiction and this is all you know.  You know how to cope with life and how to deal with it, as long as you have your drug of choice.  Without it, you are lost, and life is not worth living.

Believe me, I know.  You don’t want a sober life.  You have no interest in it.  It bores you to tears, and so you will always seek the high that you can get from drugs.

I know this because I was there.  I was cool and I was whacked out of my mind on drugs and I had no interest in sobriety.  Just put me out of my misery if I have to be sober. That was my attitude.

Eventually I had enough pain in my life that I considered changing.  I don’t know why or how I was able to finally consider sobriety.  I guess it was ultimately a choice to choose life.  I could finally see where I was headed, and I decided to live instead.

You have the same choice as well.  You can choose life.  It might seem like a boring choice right now.

But think about the alternative.  All those cool cats who were whacked out on drugs and booze….they are in prison, or they are dead.

If you are a young drug addict or alcoholic, those are your choices:  prison or death.

Or, life.

You choose.