Planning My Next eBook about Addiction and Recovery

Planning My Next eBook about Addiction and Recovery


I am putting together a rough outline for the next eBook that I plan to launch.

Eventually I will write and publish a “real” book, but for now the format of an eBook that can be quickly downloaded is much better for my readers (plus it is completely free and easy to share).

So here are some of the topics I am looking at exploring. If you have any feedback or things you would like to see, please let me know. You might also want to check out my latest free eBook if you have not already done so.

1) Replacement strategies – They work for some people, not so well for others. Examples would include Racing for Recovery, those who find religion, but also those who become dependent on a 12 step fellowship to stay clean and sober. Replacement strategies are a kind of shortcut. They can lead to a life of creative recovery by providing more structure in helping someone get there. They are not necessary though.

2) Structure – as a fundamental principle of early recovery. If at first you fail in recovery, try again with more structure next time.

3) Overwhelming force – as another fundamental principle of early recovery. Go way beyond what you believe is necessary in order to stay clean.

4) Spirituality – the overall mindset and attitude shift that is necessary to turn someone’s life around. Abandoning self in early recovery in order to find a new way to live.

5) Gratitude – a huge key to recovery and a powerful tool that can be used daily. Something we can practice and use in real life.

6) Holism – a key part of our approach; our strategy. Growth in multiple areas of our life. If we can truly grow on many different planes then we become more effective all around. Our development in one area can enhance our learning and growth in other areas.

7) Self esteem – Critical for so many in recovery. Purposeful building of self esteem through goal setting and action. Affirmations optional….real action required.

8) Long term purpose – An outcome of recovery and the creative approach. Probably cannot force this, but have to live your way into real purpose. It will reveal itself when the time is right. Live the creative life in recovery and your purpose will find you.

Your ideas – anything else you would want to see explored in the next eBook? Let me know in the comments or via email at

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