The Best Solution for Most Addicts: Inpatient Rehab

The Best Solution for Most Addicts: Inpatient Rehab


One of the best solutions for struggling addicts and alcoholics is inpatient rehab.  This is because it is generally the most intensive solution for drug and alcohol addiction in terms of taking real action to solve the problem.  Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that inpatient rehabilitation has over other forms of addiction therapy.

Inpatient treatment…..

….offers the best structured environment as far as safety goes. This is true because of 2 major things: one, a medical detox unit, and two, a controlled facility where drugs and alcohol are not easily brought in.  These two things are critical for insuring the safety and sobriety of the clients.

….provides the most recovery strategies under one roof. What works for some clients in rehab may not work for others.  Luckily, their are many different forms of therapy available at rehab, including group therapy, individual counseling, 12 step meetings, groups and lectures, and so on.  Clients may also have access to medical staff who might be able to set them up or direct them towards medications that can be helpful in recovery, such as pills that help fight alcohol cravings, or pills that help an opiate addict to avoid heroin, and so on.  In other words, a drug rehab can function as a central location for a client to get the treatment services that they need, even if they are not all found right there.  Their therapist can direct them to the proper aftercare as well, which may provide these specific recovery therapies that seem to work best for them.

….is the most intense form of action for a struggling addict. Picture an addict or alcoholic who is so strung out that they cannot stop using their drug of choice, even for one day.  Now imagine this person trying to get clean and sober by simply attending meetings or going to see a counselor once a week.  Neither solution is likely to work for them, because they are not intensive enough.  Serious drug addicts and alcoholics need intense solutions for recovery, and that means staying in an inpatient facility.  Anything less is going to be a joke in terms of getting them the help that they really need.

….is also the most expensive form of treatment (except for maybe long term rehab). Unfortunate, yes, but rehab is still cheaper for most people than continuing to use drugs and alcohol, especially if they sit down and really figure out the true cost of their addiction.