Find Addiction Treatment Right Now

Find Addiction Treatment Right Now


Today is the day: Time to make a decision.

If you have sat on the fence for a while, and you feel as if you probably should do something about your drinking or drug use, but you just don’t want to, then maybe today is the day to change that.

All it takes is one phone call to start the domino effect. Make one phone call to a treatment center. Pick up the phone and call a rehab, right now.

Ask for help.

Start asking questions: How do I get myself into rehab? What has to happen? Do I need to make an appointment? What do I bring with me? What can I expect while I am there?

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That is all fine: Call a treatment center and start asking questions. They are there to help you. They will answer your questions, they will direct you to the help that you need, and they will get you set up for the treatment services that are best going to help you. That is what they do; that is their job. Trust in the process and call a treatment center.

This is not the kind of thing that you can carry around with you just so you can feel good about yourself, thinking that you will “eventually go to rehab.” No, you cannot decide to go to treatment in the future. That is just something that a person in denial tells themselves to feel better right now about themselves.

But it is not true. You cannot decide to go to rehab in the future. The problem is that the future will come, and you will be faced with a decision to made in the moment again. The time will be “right now” and you will be staring at the phone and wondering: “Should I really call the rehab center and set myself up for treatment? I said I would do that today. But I don’t want to do it today. I want to put it off for a while yet.”

And then you put it off for a while and end up facing that same decision again in the future. And you keep telling yourself that you are going to fix your problem, but you just keep pushing it forward.

And so you stay stuck and you stay miserable and you never get a chance to break free.

So realize this:

You can only decide to go to rehab right now.

It has to be right now. The decision can never happen in the future, because when the future comes it will be “right now” all over again.

Therefore the only time you can really decide to get help, to go to rehab, to do something about your problem–is right now.

The alternative is called denial. The alternative to getting help right now, this very moment, is to tuck the idea back into your mind and continue to lie to yourself. To tell yourself that maybe it will be different this time, that maybe you will continue to abuse drugs or alcohol and somehow it will turn out happy, that maybe things will get better even though you know that they will get worse.

This is the only time that you can ever do something to fix your problem: Right now.

I can remember when I made the decision to go to inpatient treatment. There was a moment when my brain panicked for a moment and said “no wait I want to keep drinking and taking drugs for a while longer, aaaah!” But it was too late, I had already called the treatment center and made the appointment. I had committed to taking action, to fixing the problem, to following through with it.

You probably have a million and one excuses in your mind as to why you should not, or could not, go to rehab at this time. You might be telling yourself that your family could not bear to be without you for 28 days, or that you could not afford to lose your job, which will likely happen if you check into rehab. You may be telling yourself that you don’t want people to know about your problem, that you don’t want to have the stigma attached of going to rehab and admitting that you are an addict or alcoholic.

You probably have some sort of excuse or reason why you should not go to treatment. But I can promise you this: that reason pales in comparison to the negative consequences of continuing in addiction.

What does that mean? It means that your excuses are petty and meaningless compared to death from a drug overdose. Or killing yourself while drunk driving. Or perhaps worse: killing someone else while intoxicated or high and spending time in prison to contemplate the nature of your wrongs.

Those consequences could become real, and yet we tell ourselves that “we cannot risk losing our job over a 28 day stay in rehab.” This is ridiculous. What if you died? What if you went to prison after killing someone? Would the 28 day stay in rehab be a better alternative to those things?

Imagine walking into a prison right now and talking to people who are there for those kinds of reasons. Imagine asking them if they wish they could turn back the clock and go to a 28 day inpatient treatment program instead. Just imagine what people would say if they are sitting in prison because they recklessly killed someone while drunk or high. You can bet that they would urge you to go to rehab, to do it now, to get the help you need right this moment.

We tell ourselves that our lives are so important, that we have a good job right now, or that our families need us right now. We tell ourselves all sorts of stories to justify the fact that we cannot, or should not, go to rehab right now. Maybe we will go to rehab some day in the future, when the time is right. When the timing is better.

That is crazy though. The future may never come. Or you may be sitting in jail or prison in the future. The time to get help is right now. The time to turn your life around, to walk away from the misery and the chaos, is right now.

What you need to do is to pick up the phone and make the call, right now. This is the only way that you can really make the decision, is to simply do it now. If you put it off for the future then you are simply deciding not to seek help. The only time you can decide to change is right now.

There is no need to be afraid. There is no need to be intimidated by rehab. The people there are welcoming and they want to help you. If you go to inpatient treatment you will realize that everyone there is on your team, everyone there wants to see you get better.

Give yourself a break: Stop beating yourself up and make the call right now. You can turn your life around and find happiness and freedom. All you have to do is surrender, let go, and make the call. People are willing to help you to find this new life, but you have to put your first foot forward and show the initiative. Make the call to a rehab center today and tell them that you need help. From there, you just need to be willing to follow some direction and discover a new life for yourself in recovery.

Do it now!

Good luck to you on your journey!

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