What Is There At The Advanced Stage Of Sobriety?

What Is There At The Advanced Stage Of Sobriety?

later stages of sobriety

Currently in my fifth year of sobriety and rapidly closing in on the sixth, I’ve learned quite a few things along this journey, which for me hasn’t been an easy one. There were many bumps on the road, some of them forcing my “recovery mobile” to lose a wheel and return to the “shop” for repairs, but eventually I reached my destination.

The late or advanced sobriety

Based on the number of years of remaining on the straight and narrow path, I’m now in what’s referred to as late or advanced sobriety. I don’t want to deny that it’s much easier for me to stay clean than, for instance, during the hectic first couple of years when my life was just getting back on track. However, I’m also aware that I can never get too cocky. In support groups, I’d often hear about fellow former alcoholics that went five or more years without touching the stuff only to one day fall off the wagon when everyone least expected it. Me… I’d rather play it safe than end up regretting it.

Are there any risks now?

Boy, are there ever! If you get too comfortable in your dependency-free shoes, you might wake up one day with the idea that you could try drinking in moderation because hey, you’re a big boy now, you can handle your liquor. Worse, you could end up believing that you’ve somehow graduated from The Sobriety Academy and your troubles are behind you, so there’s no need to remain vigilant. False!

You see, along with the marching of time, we tend to forget about the past experiences and, those of us who do, are bound to repeat the very same mistakes and fall into the exact same pits as before. Whenever I feel that I’ve lost contact with my past, I browse my old gratitude journal to remember just how much of a struggle getting free from the bonds of alcohol was. That usually sobers me up, so to speak.

Serenity and late sobriety

The thing that most recovery programs aspire to do is to guide former alcoholics on how to reach a state of serenity. Serenity isn’t the same concept as the Buddhist state of Nirvana, for instance, but it does have some congruent elements.

Among them, there is the tranquility of the mind and the ability to accept that there are always elements beyond our control that we should not try to change. However, it’s not the same thing with allowing life to pass us by while we’re crippled into inaction. In essence, serenity implies earning the wisdom necessary to differentiate between what we can and what we can’t change. Achieving serenity does not happen overnight, but rather it is a goal that you actively have to work towards.

Look back at how far you have come

Reaching the later stages of sobriety and remaining there, there is a lot of work and requires a great deal of willpower, but in the end you’ll be happy you did. There is a certain clarity that can only be attained after you’ve put a few years between you and the bottle and a sense of happiness whenever you look back on your life and see how far you’ve come.