Why Drug Rehab is Critical for Your Success in Recovery


If you have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction at all and you feel as if your situation is hopeless then you are a perfect candidate for inpatient treatment.

Going to a 28 day drug or alcohol rehab facility is the perfect solution to your problem. Yes, there are people who go to treatment and fail. Yes, there are some rare instances in which an addict or alcoholic manages to get clean and sober without first going to rehab.

However, those two issues are not really your concern right now. Your focus is on giving yourself the best possible opportunity in which to turn your own life around.

Is it possible that you could go to rehab and not remain clean and sober forever? Sure.

Is it possible that you could find some other path to recovery that does not involve a 28 day program? Maybe.

But the fact is that if you really want to turn your life around right now, and you are serious about getting over your addiction, then you owe it to yourself to give yourself the best possible chances for success.

Avoiding drug rehab would be like needing to have heart surgery and letting someone with no training at all attempt the surgery based on watching an instructional video online. Why in the world would you want to handicap your chances of success like this? Just go to rehab already. Go check into a 28 day program and start healing your life.

There are a million and one excuses as to why a person would want to avoid treatment. Trust me, I know such excuses exist, because I have am guilty of making them for myself.

At one point, I was arguing with my friends and family that I should not go to inpatient rehab based on the fact that I had a job delivering pizzas. Now I do not say this to knock pizza delivery people, because a job is a job and I mean no disrespect. But let’s be honest: If you are stubbornly avoiding rehab because you don’t want to give up a job such as this, you are probably fooling yourself. If your dream is really to deliver pizzas for a living then you can probably hook that up post-rehab, especially if you make the transformation to staying clean and sober.

And yet, that was my big excuse as to why I could not go into a 28 day program: I had to keep working at my pizza job. I could not leave my station or the world would stop turning. In my mind I really believed that at the time.


Because I was afraid. If you get down to the nitty-gritty truth of it all, I was afraid to be clean and sober. I was afraid to go to inpatient rehab and leave the drugs and the booze behind and have to face myself and my life and what I had become. It was fear that kept me stuck in addiction. It was fear that kept me from saying “yes, I will go to rehab.”

Now in order to be successful at treatment you have to want for your life to change. The key is that there is a big difference between wishing that your life was different and actually being willing to put in the work to make it happen. We want the latter.

Most addicts and alcoholics who have been through the misery and chaos for a few years or more want for things to be different. They are not foolish. They know that they are miserable and stuck in addiction. Their problem is that they just don’t believe that they have a chance at living any kind of happy or normal life in recovery. The honestly believe that without their drug of choice they could never be happy, and therefore they are doomed to keep self medicating in spite of the negative consequences.

The truth is that if they could break free long enough from their addiction and start to rebuild their life in recovery then they would see that there is another path. They would see that they really can be happy in sobriety, but only if they give themselves the chance that they need in order to get fully detoxified, start feeling human again, and start living a real life without self medicating their feelings away every day.

Addicts and alcoholics have been running and hiding for years. That is what the addict does, they hide from reality. And the reality that they are hiding from is that of themselves, they do not like the person that they have become, and they do not want to feel their own emotions. They want to medicate their fear, anxiety, their emotional pain. They want all of it to go away, at any cost, and they do not want to have to feel those unwanted emotions. So they run and they hide by self medicating with drugs or alcohol.

In recovery, those shields come down and suddenly they are feeling all of their emotions. This can be overwhelming at first until they learn the necessary coping skills to be able to process these emotions. This is perhaps the most important that a person can go to inpatient rehab for. Otherwise, if you try to quit drugs or alcohol on your own, you will be overwhelmed with emotion and frustration when you still have access to your drug of choice, and you won’t be strong enough to resist that perfect solution.

Alcohol and drugs are, unfortunately, a perfect solution to your problems when you are emotionally upset, because they make it all go away in an instant. We all know that the long term results of this are not good, and that your problems are still there later on, but the escape that is provided from your drug of choice is just too compelling to resist.

Being in inpatient rehab gives you a full reprieve from that temptation, because you simply do not have access to your drug of choice while you are there. So you get a solid 28 days of sanity back, and it is your responsibility during that time to start learning how to deal with your reality rather than hiding from it. It is your job at that time to learn how to process your feelings and emotions, rather than self medicating them away with drugs or alcohol.

Luckily, there is an entire army of people who are willing to help you with those things. At inpatient treatment they will assign you a therapist or a counselor. You will go to meetings and groups. You will likely have group therapy. You will probably meet a group of peers who can help you. You will probably go to AA or NA meetings, and you may eventually get a sponsor who can help you with this. All of these resources can help you to learn how to deal with reality rather than resorting to your old solution, which was to run and hide from your problems.

In recovery, you face everything. You face your problems, your worries, your anxiety, and your challenges. You face all of it head on and you ask for help and support to be able to do so. Once you are willing to face your problems rather than run away from them you will start to see the benefits of doing so manifest in your life. Once you start to experience the benefits of sobriety you are going to want to push yourself even harder towards personal growth. This is the best path that you could be on in recovery, and you can make it all get started by checking into an inpatient treatment center.