Zen and the Art of Blogging

Zen and the Art of Blogging


Blogging is a spiritual exercise. Doesn t matter what the topic is. If you are passionate about your topic, then you are connecting with something very powerful when you blog.


I m not talking about someone throwing up a few posts and then forgetting about the whole thing. I m talking about someone who is seriously in it for the long haul. Someone who reads other blogs in their niche and is active in commenting on them. Someone who is actively involved in the conversation and is genuinely trying to bring real value to their readers. For this type of person, blogging transcends the idea of daily posting and becomes a sacred activity for the author. Because we generally blog on a regular basis, the exercise takes on the feeling of a ritual.

All writing is spiritual; the simple act of putting words to paper or pounding them out on a keyboard has therapeutic value. But in particular, the concept of blogging takes this a step further, because of the connections and widespread audience that the internet provides.

We re not talking about old-fashioned religious ideas here. Instead, we re examining the spiritual principles that apply to every successful blogger:

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1. Connections with Others – Blogging is about more than just writing to be read. It s about relationships and connecting with fellow bloggers. It s about conversations and communities. In a spiritual light, we might refer to this as fellowship or brotherhood.

2. Goal Oriented – If you just start a blog on a whim, and don t have any real direction or goals for your blog, chances are good that things are not going to go very far. Successful blogging requires the dedication and focus that can only come from a high level of discipline.

3. Helping Others – Regardless of what your blog is about, if you are experiencing any kind of success with it, you are undoubtedly helping others in some way. A successful blog is a useful one. You are providing real value to the world. Your blog is part of the solution.


4. Living with Purpose – Highly successful bloggers are virtually guaranteed to share the following in common: they are passionate about their blog s topic. This formula for success is right in line with living a purposeful life. How so? Because a dedicated blogger with a passion for any subject can make a huge impact on the world, especially if they are helping others with their blog.

5. Faith – It takes guts to put yourself out there. To give of yourself every day, holding nothing back, takes at least some level of faith. It also takes faith in the process itself. To keep writing, day in and day out, for an imaginary audience that you hope will materialize.

6. Hope – Blogging starts as a personal journey In the beginning, it s just you and the blank screen, with no visitors in sight. I had a bit of hope that an audience would form and that my message could make a difference to people out there. This hope was necessary, because at first, I did not have an audience. In spite of this, I managed to persevere, and an audience slowly developed. This was exciting for me, and led to another spiritual revelation:

7. Awakening – As my blog grew, I transformed along with it My message started slowly changing as my audience began to grow. I realized that my message actually was having an impact. People were leaving comments and reaching out for help in a way that I had not anticipated. What I was writing became more important to me, because now I knew it was making a difference. I no longer had to hope that my blogging could affect someone and make a difference. Now I knew. Not only did this delight me, but it also gave me a chance to grow in my own spiritual journey. It was a direct example of improving your life through writing.


Perhaps the last spiritual principle we could include would be love. At some point, a dedicated blogger who believes in their message with real passion will eventually reach out to the world through pure love. No hidden motives .just a genuine desire to help others. Perhaps that is not on the list so that we all know we have something to strive for.


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