Two Year Anniversary for Quitting Smoking Today!

Two Year Anniversary for Quitting Smoking Today!


Today marks two years of complete and total freedom from nicotine for me. Here is the breakdown:

I’ve saved $2,819.18 by not smoking

Remember that those are just direct costs of not actually purchasing the cigarettes. There are other financial costs as well. For long term smokers, the monetary costs are inevitably higher than that, because of major illnesses and medical bills. Also, smokers take more sick days, so there is more waste right there.

I’ve avoided smoking 18,259 cigarettes

That’s approximately how many cigarettes I would have smoked in the last two years, had I continued to smoke. At five minutes apiece, that means I would have spent over 1,520 hours smoking. This is outrageous. Please realize that this is over TWO FULL MONTHS of time that I would have been smoking. That’s over a full month worth of time out of each year doing nothing but smoking. Unbelievable. Think of all the wasted time and productivity. All for the mindless, zombie-like habit of feeding my body with nicotine. One after the other. Over and over again. How depressing.

Just to avoid withdrawal. Forget about “enjoyment.” I stopped enjoying cigarettes years ago. It was nothing more than a mindless addiction. Thank god it’s over with.

It’s estimated that I will live an additional 20 years now that I’ve quit smoking.

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You can’t really put a price tag on that, now can you? Of course, no one is guaranteed tomorrow–we all know that our number could come up at any time. But based on the raw numbers, and all of that data out there, it is estimated that I would die about 20 years early if I continue to smoke for the rest of my life.

How much money do you think Bill Gates would pay in order to live an extra 20 years? Do you think that 20 years would be worth much to Mr. Gates? Do you think he would trade a bit of his cash for that extra time?

You’re darn right he would.

20 years is huge. It is a staggering amount of time. The value of it is absolutely priceless.

I’m truly blessed to have “bought” it back by quitting smoking.

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