Spiritual River Podcasts

Spiritual River Podcast E03 – Jacques de Broekert

Patrick: Welcome to the Spiritual River Podcast Episode Number 3. Today’s guest is Jacques de Broekert. Jacques is the program director at the Natural Horizons Wellness Center and he also runs a private practice treating everything from drug addiction to …

Spiritual River Podcasts

Spiritual River Podcast E02 – Jeff Foote and the CRAFT Approach

Patrick: So, the guest today is Jeff Foote. Thanks for doing this interview. I’m excited to learn about your work and the CRAFT approach. Jeff is the PHD research scientist. He’s been working on the addiction field for several decades. …

Spiritual River Podcasts

SpiritualRiver Podcast E01 – Mark @ The Clean Life

Welcome to episode 1 of the Spiritual River podcast, where we interview recovering alcoholics, addicts, and people who work in the substance abuse community. Today’s guest is a recovering alcoholic by the name of Mark. Mark has his own website …