The 10 Best Personal Recovery Blogs

The 10 Best Personal Recovery Blogs


There are lots of people out there who are telling their story of recovery online. Be sure to check these out, as it can be really helpful to get a fresh perspective from time to time.

1. Scout’s Newcomer Daze

Website: Scout’s Newcomer Daze

The Lowdown: An absolute must read. Scout has a way of talking about everyday life in spiritual terms. It might say “newcomer,” but reading Scout’s blog, you can tell that this is the work of a spiritual experience. Simply awesome.

2. The Junky’s Wife

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Website: The Junky’s Wife

The Lowdown: Another priceless blog. This one is rated “R,” but don’t let yourself be offended and/or scared off because of that. Just about every post contains priceless insights into the spiritual malady and how we overcome it in recovery. My heart goes out to this women. Truly.

3. The Alcoholic Diary

Website: The Alcoholic Diary

The Lowdown: Another good blog with lots of practical insight and knowledge. As is common with personal recovery blogs, Trinker reports on the daily events of his life and explains how he handles it all in terms of recovery. Very well written; another must see recovery blog.

4. Anonymous Alcoholic

Website: Anonymous Alcoholic

The Lowdown: Updated regularly and peppered with inspirational pictures. Mary is obviously a lover a nature and she frequently contemplates spiritual principles and how they apply to her life and recovery. Excellent reading. Not to be missed.

5. todAAy

Website: todAAy

The Lowdown: Real life recovery from Shannon….well written and nothing held back. Refreshing and honest and injected with gratitude. Check this one out.

6. Motorcycle Mike

Website: Anonymous and Recovering Biker and Sober Harley Rider

The Lowdown: Mike has a good down-to-earth blog that is updated regularly. Much wisdom to be had here.

7. It’s in The Book

Website: It’s in The Book

The Lowdown: Ton’s of real-life AA here, describing how the program applies to daily life situations. Check it out.

8. Attitude of Gratitude

Website: Attitude of Gratitude

The Lowdown: Scott does a great job of updating this site on a regular basis, and he also does a great job of keeping the topic on spiritual principles and how they apply to his life. Great stuff!

9. Enjoy Today

Website: Enjoy Today

The Lowdown: Christine writes regularly and infuses her posts with heaps of gratitude. Very useful, real-life recovery in action. Keep it up Christine!

10. Higher Powered

Website: Higher Powered

The Lowdown: Dave is a frequent poster and has a very interesting website. He not only posts about spirituality and how he works recovery into his everyday life, but he also is a very entertaining read, with some funny pictures thrown in for good measure. Check him out!

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