Facing Addiction Together

Facing Addiction Together

Facing Addiction Together

Facing Addiction Together: How to best support a loved one through drug or alcohol addiction by Patrick Meninga

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  • I Have a Son/Daughter/Mother/Father/Girlfriend/Boyfriend Who is Addicted to Drugs or Alcohol 4
  • Helping the addict by helping yourself 4
  • Can you force another person to change? 7
  • Determine their level of denial 9
  • Enabling: hurting when we think we are helping 10
  • Detachment 12
  • Setting limits and boundaries with the addict 13
  • Reacting to their addiction only fuels the fire 15
  • Interventions and convincing them to go to rehab 17
  • Supporting them in their treatment effort 18
  • Complicating issues: health and mental illness 20
  • What can I try if I am desperate and they are really out of control? 21
  • What if I make an ultimatum with the addict and it does not work? 22
  • What if the addict claims that they want help, but they put conditions on it? 24
  • What if the addict refuses certain types of treatment or help, such as long term rehab or 12 step meetings? 25
  • What if the addict in my life just keeps relapsing, over and over again, and never seems to “get it?” 26
  • What if the addict/alcoholic refuses to get help? 27
  • What if my spouse tells me that they will quit once the baby is born (or some other event occurs)? 28
  • When should I give up on an addict or alcoholic and move on with my life? When should I continue to hold out hope for change? 29
  • What is the single most important thing that I can do to help the addict in my life? 31
  • How to Help an Alcoholic 33
  • First things first: work on changing your behavior, not the alcoholic 33
  • How can I convince an alcoholic to quit drinking? 34
  • How can I help an alcoholic make the decision to go to treatment? 35
  • How can I organize an effective intervention for an alcoholic? 37
  • How can I stop enabling an alcoholic? 38
  • Action items – What you can do: 45
  • How Can I Help an Alcoholic or Drug Addict?-Specific Things You Can Do to Help 46
  • Understand Addiction in Order to Help Addict 46
  • Get Help Yourself In Order To Help The Addict 47
  • Establish Boundaries and Set Limits With The Addict 48
  • Confronting the Addict 49
  • Organize a Formal Intervention 50
  • Assess a Person’s Addiction in Order to Determine the Correct Approach 50
  • Practicing Detachment 53
  • What to Say to an Alcoholic Who is Out of Control 55
  • Assessing your relationship with the alcoholic 56
  • Decide on your boundaries and set limits 58
  • Isn’t there some other way to change someone’s behavior? 58
  • About the Author 60
  • Get Help for Addiction Now 61
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