Drug Addiction Poem

Drug Addiction Poem


A drug addiction poem by Tara:

I touched you once, now itís too late to turn back
You lured me in, now I canít keep track
The days are blurred, my mind is weak
I canít think straight. Itís you that I seek

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Addicted to you. You give me life, you make me whole
I need you now. I relinquish all control
How did I get here? Is it too late to make it right?
I canít give up now. But Iím too weak to fight
Powerless against your devious charm
I believed in you. You could do no harm
Iím lost in you. Canít find my way out
I push back. I cry. I scream. I shout
I am all alone. No one can hear
I begin to tremble. Itís you that I fear
Will I ever find the will to overcome your hold?
I reach for friends, someone to help, I fold
I collapse. Falling deep back into your ploy
Iíve lost it all. I feel only pain, no joy
My friends and family have left me to you
You are all that I have. My only truth
Itís hard to imagine what my life used to be
Before you came, before you got a hold of me
How do I get back? Back to that life
Before this internal struggle, before this strife

The battle will not be easy, but I must engage
My life is filled with disappointment and rage
I take you on. Itís you against me
In the fight for my life. I must set myself free
Free of you, of your grasp, of your power
This is my last chance. My final hour
Addicted to you. I shall live this way no longer
I can conquer you. I can be stronger
It may be hard but itís something I must do
Succeed in getting over you
And so I resist you, resist your temptation
My body is confused, filled with frustration
It wonít be long until youíre out of my system
And I’m back to my life, back to my rhythm

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Iím rid of you, rid of your poison, your bane
On my way to recovery, I canít stop this train
I canít, I wonít Ė You wonít get to me now
I can see right through you, I can see how
Youíll lure me back in but Iíll fight back
No matter how strongly you try to attack
Iím stronger now, I control my own mind
I now know what I needed to find
My thoughts, my life Ė Iím finally free
Without you, I can finally be me

– Tara

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