Some Drug Addiction Movies You Might Want to Check Out

Some Drug Addiction Movies You Might Want to Check Out


Over the years there have been several movies that have opened the eyes of the public in regards to drug addiction. These drug addiction movies have been few and far between, but have all sent a message to help us become more aware of the issue that is out there.

One movie that has talked loud to many people about drug addiction is the movie “Less than Zero” starring Andrew McCarthy, Robert Downie Jr. and Jami Gertz. The movie is about two friends, Clay and Julian. Julian is highly addicted to cocaine and partying, where as Clay is the clean friend. Upon return for a visit, Clay finds out that his friend Julian’s addictions have only grown worse, along with his girlfriend’s. Clay helps his friends get off drugs and become clean. Clay is happy with his friend’s progress, but, doesn’t realize or know that Julian actually slips and ends up back on drugs. Again, Clay tries to get help for Julian.

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The movie helped open the eyes of many people showing them how bad addictions can be and how many people need help in order to recover. At the end all of Clay’s efforts end up failing, had Clay gone one more step and helped to get Julian entered into a facility, his friend could have lived. Today, we still see drug addiction happening but, with better ways to help those addicted to drugs.

Permanent Midnight” with actor/comedian Ben Stiller, gives a more up close view of a person addicted to drugs to even showing Stiller’s character using drugs. This movie has opened many eyes and helped people see that even in homes that seem “perfect” there can still be issues of drug abuse. The movie shows Stiller’s character actually taking his daughter on a drug run and during which he shows no remorse for what he is doing. Through this portrayal, we see a side that some children in our society have seen and can be quite scary at any age.

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Finally, a movie that shows that anyone can take a step in the wrong direction is the movie “Traffic“. Traffic is the most recent movie portraying the escalation of drugs in America. To battle the war on drugs a judge is appointed to head up a group to fight drugs, he ends up finding out that drugs are in his own home. His teenage daughter is addicted to drugs. This movie shows us that even the most intelligent people in our societies can also become addicts and have to fight addiction as well.

In all three of these movies, we are brought into a world that many only imagine none really know that it is out there and just how scary it is. In many aspects these movies have helped to open the eyes of many people and examine their own lives and those that live with them. It has helped many to find ways of opening up the lines of communication in regards to drugs, but it has also helped many find out that there is a problem in their own homes.

There are other movies that have also touched on the subject of drug addiction in some aspects that help to open the eyes and send the message to others. Those movies are: Rush, Trainspotting, Requiem for a Dream, Pure, The Basketball Diaries, Drugstore Cowboy and Midnight Cowboy. It is believed that more movies that have focus on addictions should be made to help keep our societies aware of the ongoing problems that are developing because of drug addictions. By helping to make our societies more aware of this growing issue, we can strive to help those with the addictions and those that love and care for them as well.

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