Successful Treatment for Drug Addiction Depends on Willingness Alone

Successful Treatment for Drug Addiction Depends on Willingness Alone


What is the best treatment for drug addiction?  In some cases this will come down to the individual.  No one treatment will work best for every person.

For example, there are many drug addicts out there who have found a strong recovery by using a religious based recovery program.  They are using religion as their solution for drug addiction and they use religious principles to guide them in recovery.  They do not use a 12 step program, nor do they attend 12 step meetings.  There are many people who have recovered from drug addiction by this path.

Of course there are other people who are recovering by using a 12 step program, and who have no religious affiliation whatsoever.  They are recovering strictly based on the 12 step program of AA or NA.

There are other treatments for drug addiction as well.  For example, there is a program called racing for recovery that basically uses fitness as the primary method of sobriety.  There are programs that are based on equine therapy and riding and caring for horses that are meant to treat addiction.  And there are programs out there that do not use anything suggested thus far, and may use biophysical detox processes and various psychological techniques in order to treat recovering addicts.

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So there are all sorts of different drug addiction treatments available, and the bottom line is this: the addict must find what works for them.  If they try a treatment program and they end up relapsing, then perhaps they should try a different program.

With addiction it can be so tricky, because in many cases, a person is just not ready yet. In fact, the choice of treatment may be completely irrelevant, and the only thing that really matters is whether or not the addict has truly surrendered at that point.  For example, many addicts come into the 12 step fellowship, get clean, and then quickly relapse.  They may do this over and over again for years and years.  Suddenly, though, they may “get it,” and find lasting sobriety without ever relapsing again.  They did not try a different program, but instead they simply surrendered–for real this time–and that produced good results.  It is not the choice of the program or the method of treatment that makes a difference–but only in their level of willingness.

Thus, we may never come up with superior treatments for addiction.  It may just all be a matter of timing and surrender on the part of the addict.

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