There are no Excuses for Avoiding Creation in Addiction Recovery

There are no Excuses for Avoiding Creation in Addiction Recovery


Some people read about the creative theory of recovery and try to make excuses for their lack of action.

“I don’t understand this creation stuff. I’m not a creative person anyway.”

It’s not about being creative. It’s about creating with action.

We can clearly define failure in recovery as a lack of action. Lack of purposeful action will lead to relapse. Simple as that. Creation is the idea that a person can deliberately take purposeful action on a daily basis, pushing themselves to grow as a person. It is not like creative recovery comes naturally to some people and not to others. Creation is a choice.

Not to confuse the issue, but the same thing is true when it comes to creative expression. Someone might exclaim “I can’t do it. I’m just not a creative person!”

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Nonsense. Everyone can create. That same person who is frustrated will come up with something eventually once they let go of the need to make something perfect and just start forcing some action. Once you throw some stuff at the wall you get to see what sticks, then you get that spark of inspiration and you run with it. This is the creative process. It starts with action and then it leads to that spark of inspiration or insight.

With recovery it is no different. You have to take action in order to make change in your life. It might seem impossible at first, just like staring at that blank canvas and feeling the pressure of having to create something new and wonderful. The secret is that it doesn’t have to be wonderful. Reckless action will beat sitting on the couch any day of the week. Give yourself permission to create anything….doesn’t have to be perfect. This will get things moving.

Just like with getting sober….did I think things would work out perfectly when I finally broke down and went back to treatment? Of course not. I just did not have the energy left to protest anymore. I was finally taking real action. I was finally in a position to create something new in my life. I did not think it would work, just like someone thinks that their work of art will be a failure because “they are not creative.”

Enough excuses. Everyone can create. Force action and inspiration will hit you. That is the formula. Get off your couch and do something. Results will follow.

Want to get clean and sober?

Want to stay clean and sober?

Want to grow in your recovery?

Are you actually waiting for someone to hand these things to you on a silver platter? Get out there and create it. Take responsibility for the result you want and start taking reckless action in order to get it.


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