The Only Excuse for Not Getting Sober

The Only Excuse for Not Getting Sober

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The only excuse for not getting sober is if you do not know that a solution exists.

I’m going to do you a big favor right now and destroy that excuse by telling you that a solution does exist, no matter how unique you think you are.

I thought I was different, that I was the only person in the world who truly loved drugs and alcohol, and that no recovery program could possibly get me clean and sober. I thought I was doomed to repeat the endless cycle of addiction because I knew that I would be miserable if I could not use drugs and alcohol anymore. That was what was holding me back for so long and that was my main excuse for not even trying to make a change.

Of course eventually I became miserable enough in my addiction to go ahead and try to change anyway, in spite of my fear. I gave it a chance even though I thought that I knew that I could not possibly recover. I honestly believed that I was different, that I was unique, and that no recovery program could possibly keep me clean and sober and happy.

Of course this was not true and in fact it was possible for me to recover, just as it is possible for anyone else.

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It does not matter what drugs you used, how much you used, how long you’ve using for, and so on. It doesn’t matter about all the drama in your life or if you’re caught up in a twisted relationship with someone. These are just excuses that we make up in our heads about how we are unique and different and therefore could never stop drinking or using drugs. They are lies we tell ourselves so that we can continue to use and live in fear.

There are no excuses for continuing on in active addiction other than the lack of knowledge about a solution. I was miserable and I knew that people were in recovery, working various programs, but I thought of this like it was a far-off dream land; something that did not apply to me because somehow I was different.

I’ve got news for you: you’re not different. Yes we are all unique but as far as the passion for using drugs and alcohol and the fear of facing life without self-medicating, those things are universal and many people have faced that fear and conquered it before you or I did. There is nothing special about your addiction, about your passion for getting high….it has been done a million times before you and some of the people went on to recover.

So the only excuse for continuing to use is if you genuinely believe that it is impossible for you to recover. But that is no longer an excuse, because it is possible. Thousands of addicts and alcoholics who love drugs and alcohol just as much as you have managed to overcome their addiction and find a life of passion and purpose and joy. If you need documentation of that you won’t have to look too hard to find it as most in recovery would be glad to tell you their story.

If you ask around in recovery you’ll find out that everyone who drank or used was “hard core” with their addiction, each in their own way. We were all extremists in our addiction. So don’t think you’re unique.

You can recover.


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