Recovery From Addiction and Alcoholism is All About Taking Action

Recovery From Addiction and Alcoholism is All About Taking Action


Recovery is all about action, of course.

But we fool ourselves all the time, in believing that we are actually making an impact on our lives when we are actually just rationalizing and justifying.

Doing the next right thing

People say this all the time in traditional recovery circles. They’ll say “I’m just trying to do the next right thing.” It’s almost a bit of a cop-out because what they are really saying is that they are busy thinking about and trying to find out what the “next right thing” is, presumably so that they can do it.

This is a bit silly because we usually do not struggle with knowing what the next right thing is, we only struggle with the doing part. Recovery is a program of action, not a program of thinking.

It’s all about the doing. Rarely do we struggle to know what is right….we just tell ourselves that in order to justify our laziness. In other words, we spend too much time considering details when what we should be doing is simply engaging in positive action.

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The next time you are facing a major decision in your life, ask yourself if you’re not just delaying in taking positive action. We almost always know what is right; what the proper course is.

Creative recovery is action-driven

The thing about the creative theory of recovery is that it is action-driven. This is because creation implies action. It demands it. If you’re going to create a new life for yourself in recovery, then you’re obviously going to have to take action to do it.

We can’t just sit on a couch all day, resting on our laurels and not pushing ourselves to grow in any way and expect to stay sober for the rest of our lives. Instead we must push ourselves to grow holistically in order to create the life we really want for ourselves. It’s all about action.

We can’t just think our way into sobriety. We can’t think ourselves out of this disease. Most of us tried that over and over again while we were still drinking and using drugs. It doesn’t work. We have to start living the solution.

It’s not enough to think happy thoughts and comfort ourselves that everything will work out. It will only work out if we put in the effort to make it work out. We have to be the ones to initiate this. We have to create this.

Take action today.


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