Quit Smoking Hypnosis

Quit Smoking Hypnosis

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I struggled for years with cigarette smoking and tried several different times to quit. In fact, my friends and family got pretty fed up with me when I would announce that I was going to yet again try to quit smoking. I became a bit like a broken record and I never really made any progress.

One of my favorite tricks at that time was to get someone else involved in my quitting efforts. A quitting buddy, if you will. This is a terrible idea and I can look back and see why it never worked for me and was in fact just a mental game I was playing with myself in order to keep smoking.

The quitting buddy strategy was basically a way to take the focus off of myself and remove some level of personal responsibility. Instead of “I am going to quit smoking” the quitting buddy strategy had turned it into “we are going to quit smoking.” This did 2 things for me in a mental twist that I did not even realize I was doing at the time.

The first thing that it did was to allow me an out if the quitting buddy happened to smoke. This happened 90 percent of the time when I would do this, and maybe it happened every single time, I can’t remember for sure. But it was the ultimate excuse for me to go back to smoking and have someone else to blame it on. “If only I could find a decent quitting buddy that could stick it out with me!” That was the battle cry. It was actually a form of self-manipulation.

The other thing that the quitting buddy strategy did was to try and put some of my hopes on another person. In other words, I was trying to gain strength from another person in order to help me to quit. It was like trying to put some of the burden of quitting on to another person. This too was manipulation and it always ultimately failed for me. No one can help you to quit smoking. At all.

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The fact is that when you are going through the creepy, jump out of your skin nicotine withdrawals, there is no one who can really stop you from smoking other than yourself. It is up to you. In fact it is entirely up to you. There is no other person in the picture, at all. It is you in one corner and the cigarette in the other. You must do it alone. The idea of “support” or help from a friend is utterly ridiculous. The decision to smoke or not is intimately personal. No one can help you. At all. Trust me, I have tested this many, many times before I finally quit for good. If it was possible to outsource some of your quitting effort, I would have done it. But it could not be done.

When you quit smoking, you quit alone. If someone tries to quit with you, ignore them. They will just get in your way. Provide encouragement or support? Please. Put them out of your head; they cannot help you. You must quit for yourself. Period.

It took me several years to learn this, but I finally accepted it as truth. When I did, I was able to finally quit for good.

My friend used hypnosis to quit smoking

A good friend of mine, who had been addicted to cigarettes for far longer than I had, quit smoking by hypnosis and was able to finally quit for good himself. He had a couple of failed attempts under his belt too and he had tried to quit with his girlfriend who had been living with him at the time.

In terms of gimmicks and aids to help you quit, the only one that I really endorse is hypnosis. That is because nothing else ever worked for me and ultimately my good friend was able to make it work by using hypnosis to quit smoking.

If you try to use the patch or the gum or the lozenges or the pills, I think you are placing too much emphasis on the cure rather than on the necessary mindset for quitting. Folks, it all comes down to a moment when you are miserable beyond belief, in nicotine withdrawal, and every part of your body and mind is screaming out for a cigarette. What are you gonna do at that moment?

I can promise that the gum, the patches, the pills, and even the quitting buddy are going to be of no help to you at that moment. None whatsoever. The nicotine replacement products can help a little bit, but there are so many other chemicals in cigarettes other than just nicotine that you will be craving. Trust me, the nicotine products do not satisfy your urges in any kind of complete way. You will want to tear them off and feel some hot smoke going down your throat for some real relief.

Now on the other hand, if you actually use hypnosis, quitting smoking might actually work out for you because you are going in to it with the idea that you must change your mindset about cigarettes right from the get go. The hypnotist will tell you that they cannot actually hypnotize anyone against their will, and that they are essentially going to try and brainwash your mind to adopt some new beliefs about yourself as a non smoker. The hypnotist will clearly explain that this cannot work without your full cooperation. It is not a magic trick. It takes participation and effort on your part.

Folks, that is the only strategy that will help you in any kind of supplemental way. Do you see how everything else is essentially a distraction? The gimmicks and tricks and quitting buddies are a distraction from what you really need to do in order to commit to quitting.

Sure, hypnosis is a gimmick too….but it works with a successful quitting strategy, whereas all of these other gimmicks seem to undermine success in some way. The hypnosis “gimmick” will work for you if you want it too.

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