Practicing Muay Thai Can Help You Achieve And Maintain Sobriety

Practicing Muay Thai Can Help You Achieve And Maintain Sobriety

Muay Tha for recovering alcoholics

A pretty old and popular form of martial arts that originates from the techniques utilized by Siamese soldiers, Muay Thai has evolved into a world renowned sport over the last few hundred years. Among the reasons why Muay Thai is so enjoyable is the fact that practicing it utilizes virtually every limb of the human body, from knees to feet and from elbows to your hands and fists. The most known form of this martial art is Nak and it can be learned by anyone, irrespective of gender, age, or physical condition. However, competitive fighters typically engage in Muay Thai from early ages.

What Do Martial Arts Have to do with Alcohol Recovery?

Learning to practice a new sport and particularly Muay Thai, or other forms of martial arts like Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, Aikido or Karate, presents numerous benefits for someone struggling to resist the urges of alcohol after rehab. The most important thing you learn in combat sports is that you need to improve your discipline in order to progress and, youíll have to agree with me, discipline is one of the qualities addictive personalities lack most.

Secondly, by gradually improving your physical condition and your Muay Thai techniques, you begin to gain more self-esteem, and you become happier and more content with yourself. Again, addicts often suffer from self esteem issues, so this benefit of martial arts is a godsend.

Then you have the intense physical activity which, in and of itself, constitutes a great method to relieve stress, frustrations, and negative emotions that build up throughout the day. The learning process for Muay Thai also teaches students the virtues of humility and patience; thatís something we could all benefit from.

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Last but not least, the Muay Thai school can be a great place to socialize with others who share your passion of the sport. God only knows that social interactions with people other†than your former bar hopping buddies are extremely beneficial when youíre trying to readjust to the world in the post-rehab phase.

Tips For Starting Muay Thai on the Right Foot

Before you start looking for a Muay Thai gym, itís advisable to consult your physician and inquire about whether or not your current health condition enables you to practice combat arts. Donít worry though, you donít have to be in peak physical form. However, you should ensure that your body is apt for martial arts and, if itís not, it would be better to start with a lighter form of exercising.

Next, try to find out whether there are Muay Thai schools in your area that offer introductory classes free of charge, so you can get a basic idea in regards to what this sport implies. If youíre comfortable with it, then you can purchase the necessary equipment, which includes hand-wraps, gloves, attire, and a gum shield.

On a side note, you might not feel ready to practice in front of more advanced students when everything about martial arts is new to you. In order to build a little bit of confidence and familiarize yourself with the basics, you could hire a personal Muay Thai instructor to start you off. To learn more about the benefits of picking up a sport in early recovery, check out our forum.

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