Living a Sober Life

Living a Sober Life


The key to living a sober life is to immerse yourself fully in a recovery solution and take massive action in pursuit of a better life.  Anything less than this is a recipe for failure.  Anyone who is doing well in recovery is probably following this philosophy of living quite well, whether they realize it or not.

Early recovery needs to start this process when the addict or alcoholic starts by taking massive action every day.  This needs to happen in order to get through early recovery with any degree of success.  Most people fail in early recovery and end up relapsing and the ones who make it through are the ones who go all out in working  a program of recovery.  They are fully immersed in a recovery program and they are taking positive action every single day.

Now as you progress in recovery something happens.  You start to learn how to live sober and then eventually you are actually living this sober life for yourself.  You are no longer talking about recovery but you are actually living it.  Now depending on your recovery program at this point several things might happen.

One thing that happens a heck of a lot is people with multiple years of sobriety end up relapsing.  This happens all the time and in fact, studies have shown that just because someone has been sober for a long time does not increase their chances of future sobriety at all.  People still relapse after a year sober, after 5 years sober, after 10 years sober, and so on.  Having long term sobriety under your belt does not insure you of anything.

Now another thing that happens to recovering alcoholics in long term sobriety is suicide.  This happens much more than you would suspect and many people who have been sober for many years get to a point where they want to drink but they just can’t go through with a relapse.  So they off themselves instead.  It happens.

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The only other possibility is that the recovering alcoholic transitions into long term sobriety and they maintain that sobriety and are happy doing it.  This is the ideal situation and to get there requires hard work.  Remember the secret to early recovery?  Massive action.  There is no reason you can’t keep using that tool as a means to live an awesome life in recovery….one in which you continuously push yourself to grow further and further.

The key to long term sobriety is holistic growth.  Keep pushing yourself to grow and you will do well.  Stagnate in your growth and you might relapse.


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