How to Stay Sober Longer

How to Stay Sober Longer

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Want to know how to stay sober longer?  The secret is in creation.

Just stopping the booze is not enough to make a difference.  And in many cases, adopting a recovery program that teaches you how to live a sober life will only take people so far.  In order to really stay sober over the long haul and be happy in your life, you need to build a life of passion and purpose for yourself.  You have to find meaning in your life and be excited about the work you are doing.  If you do not have this level of passion in your life then it will be very hard for you to maintain sobriety in the long run.

Some people sober up and go to rehab.  They might stay for a few weeks and then go to meetings.  Others might go to a long term treatment center and live there for several months.  And still other alcoholics might simply go to outpatient or counseling.  All different solutions for the same problem.  Which ones work?  What really helps in the long run?

None of it matters.

What matters is massive action.  If an alcoholic takes massive action and it is all positive efforts towards their recovery, then they will stay clean and sober.  If they do not take massive action, then they will fail and drink again.  Simple as that.

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Sobriety does not require action.  That, in itself, is useless.  Sustained sobriety requires massive action.

Why massive action?  Because otherwise you will not “get it.”  You will only stay on the fringes of sobriety and you will eventually drink.  You need total immersion.  Complete commitment to recovery.  Taking action every single day.  Working with other alcoholics on a regular basis.  Helping others on a regular basis.  These are the keys to sustainable recovery.  Anything less is going to lead to relapse.

This is a difficult concept grasp and it is also a difficult concept to use.  It is difficult to grasp because so many other things in our lives work differently than this.  With most things, if you put forth a modest effort, you will get modest results.  Not true with recovery.  Modest efforts will make you drink.  You need an extreme effort.

The reason it is difficult to implement is not because it is complicated to do so.  It is actually pretty simple…you just have to live and breath recovery for the first year or so and you will be just fine.  It is hard to do because it is a lot of work.  And, people are lazy.

Do the work.  Take massive action and you will stay sober for the long haul.

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