How to Let Go and Let God in Addiction Recovery

How to Let Go and Let God in Addiction Recovery


How exactly do we let go and let God in recovery? The process of doing so successfully always starts with awareness.

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We need to stay conscious and aware of the events that are taking place in our lives. To be more specific, we need to stay conscious of how much mental energy we are using on various things.

The commitment to actually let go and let God is a decision to put an end to needless worry and obsessive thoughts over things that we cannot control.

For example, say we find ourselves constantly worrying about our midterm exams next week. It is eating us alive and we feel that we will never have enough time or energy to properly prepare for the test.

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In this case, to “let go and let God” requires some action on our part. We need to do our part. Then we let go and “let God.” Leave the results up to Him. In this case, that would mean setting aside some time to study, and making sure we followed through with this and did the best we could to be reasonably prepared. Then we do the best we can.

The same can be true for a number of different situations. We look at what we can do to change or help the situation, then leave the rest up to our higher power.

This is about acceptance, about “accepting the things we cannot change.” Use that serenity prayer! Do your part, and leave the results up to God.

Everything always works out the way it is supposed to. The universe is right on schedule. Not to worry.

Do your part, be responsible. Help others. Leave the rest up to HP. That is the idea behind “let go and let God.”

Action Items – What you can do:

1) Increase awareness. Find yourself trying to control some stuff that you have no business controlling? Like someone else’s life perhaps? Be aware of when you are “going there” and put a stop to it. Back off and let things happen as they should.

2) Make a commitment – to pray or meditate every day. Keep in contact with your HP.

3) Stop fighting for control – know that there is a plan and that you do not have to be in charge of every little thing.  It will work out.

4) Take action – and have faith that the results will come if you put in the work.  Remember to “meet God halfway” and not expect him to carry you if you are not willing to help yourself in any way.  Don’t be a victim!


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