How to Achieve a Significant Self Esteem Improvement While in Addiction Recovery

How to Achieve a Significant Self Esteem Improvement While in Addiction Recovery


How can you achieve a significant increase in self esteem improvement while in addiction recovery?  What is the secret to beating your addiction while at the same time, boosting your overall value of self worth?  How can a person accomplish this, given the massive amounts of guilt and shame that they will typically encounter in their early recovery?

Let’s take a closer look here and answer some of these questions:

* First of all, the newcomer in recovery has to give themselves a break.  This can be a difficult concept to wrap your head around.  Let go.  Let go of the guilt and the shame and allow yourself to just exist for a moment.  Let go of all the stress and guilt and remorse and bad feelings that are still swirling around from your addiction and give yourself a break.  You are starting over, you are going to be clean and sober now, and you are going to do the best you can to do better in your life.  Realize too that you have always been doing the best you could with what you had at the time, and any anger or negativity on your part was the best coping mechanism that you could devise at the time.  Give yourself a break.  Forgive yourself.  It is time to heal.

* Second, realize that you are giving yourself a break only because you vow to do better.  So, get to work.  Get serious.  Get into gear.  This is about much more than simply avoiding drugs and alcohol.  No, you owe it to the world to become the best person you can possibly be, and nothing less than that will keep you clean and sober anyway.  No, if you want this recovery thing to work out for you, you have to put your guts into it.  Prepare to do massive amounts of work on your self while learning how to live without self medicating.  If you do not push yourself to grow in your recovery then you will eventually relapse anyway.  Recovery demands personal growth.

* If affirmations and such work for you then that is great, go seek out a list of positive self talk to engage yourself with.  For me, this solution was not “real” enough and I needed more in order to build real self esteem in my life.  How did I do it?  Through achievement.  I set goals and I achieved them.  I did this over and over again, until my life was amazing and full of creative challenges.  I also learned that a key point in achieving goals was to only focus on one major goal at a time.  Do not overwhelm yourself by having too much on your plate.  On the other hand, always have one big goal that you are striving hard to achieve.  If you cannot achieve anything, then set your sites down a notch and get a win or two in your corner.  Then start aiming higher.  Build momentum.  This is how to create real self esteem in your life.

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* Focus on improving your health in recovery.  Sounds simple, but it is very challenging.  Look far and wide for different areas of growth: relationships, fitness, nutrition, emotional balance, spirituality, and so on.  There is no shortage of areas on which you can focus.  Remember to strive for one big goal at a time though, and feel the progress that you are making when you achieve each victory.  Take a break and then reassess your life to see where your next priority is.  Anything that is causing pain in your life is the next area that you should focus on for personal growth.

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