How Living the Creative Theory Changes the Quality of Your Life in...

How Living the Creative Theory Changes the Quality of Your Life in Addiction Recovery


The creative theory of recovery is all about using creation as a tool for maintaining your sobriety.

What do I mean by creation? Specifically, I’m talking about:

1) Living clean and sober and finding things to do in your life to replace the passion that you once felt for drugs and alcohol.

2) Setting goals in your life and working to achieve them so that you have a strong sense of making forward progress.

3) Generating healthy amounts of self esteem through action and meeting these goals. Doing stuff in order to feel better about yourself.

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4) Focusing on a holistic model of your overall health with an effort to take care of yourself on a number of different levels.

5) Pushing yourself to grow personally with continued interest in setting and meeting new goals.

6) Finding passion and purpose in living this creative new life in recovery. Not settling for stagnation or laziness.

Now it would be nice to get clean and sober and within your first week of sobriety be living all of these ideals to perfection, but I’m afraid that is not how it works. That is not how it worked for me anyway and I am still striving to implement these ideas into my life every day. No one is perfect and it takes time to change our life so drastically.

It is not realistic to think that someone with 30 days sober can be living all of these concepts perfectly in their life.

Recovery is a process.

It takes time to become a new person. It takes time to create a new life for ourselves.

If you are in recovery then give yourself the time and space needed to make these ideals a reality. Push yourself to grow and push yourself to create new things in your life but understand that it doesn’t happen overnight. We are all a work in progress when it comes to holistic growth.

Once you are clean and sober for a while the only threat is in complacency. Therefore you must make a habit of continuous growth. Embrace the idea of creation in your life and strive to keep growing and you will do just fine in the long run.

One of your biggest weapons in the fight against relapse is the idea of personal growth every single day. Do not let a day go by where you do not make a strong effort to improve yourself or your life. Every day is an opportunity for building a bigger wall against relapse.


Madison over at The Recovery Princess has put together an excellent post about the benefits of being sober. Check it out if you’re interested.


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