This is How I Got Clean and Sober in Recovery

This is How I Got Clean and Sober in Recovery


How to get clean and sober.

The information is all here. I promise. Here is my proof: I was a hopeless drug addict and alcoholic, and I somehow found a happy life in recovery.

This website is a catalog of my success. I struggled with drug and alcohol addiction for so long, and by the grace of God, I somehow managed to get clean and sober and make it stick…in spite of myself. Because let me tell you, I am quite stubborn and I used to really like being drunk and high and I was terrified of AA meetings and my goal was to die drunk. But something changed all that, and I’ve decided to try to tell you how it happened.

This didn’t happen overnight. I went to a couple of treatment centers before I “got it.” And since I’ve been sober, I’ve had a heck of a journey trying to figure out what’s really important in recovery. And I’m sure everyone’s path is a bit different in recovery–but I’ve noticed a lot of trends among the “winners” that have surrounded me in my journey. There are thousands of chronic relapsers out there in the AA meetings who claim to know everything about how to live a happy life in recovery. They can’t all be right….but some of them obviously have something good going on. So I’ve been to thousands of twelve step meetings, and I’ve also gone some really long periods of time without any meetings, and so I’ve learned some different things from each route. I’ve also had a sponsor or two, and I’ve written an awful lot down in trying to work the steps. And all through this 6 plus years of sobriety, I spent the first 20 months living in a long term treatment center, which was quite an experience all on its own. Through it all, I’ve learned a great deal of information about how to stay clean and sober. In addition to that, I finally managed to successfully quit smoking cigarettes almost two years ago, and thus learned a great deal more information about overcoming addictions.

So I’ve accumulated all of this information about how to overcome addictions and not go crazy and have a happy life. What’s important is that this information is unique and helpful–and it is different from anything else I could find on the internet at the time I got clean. I found a lot of different recovery websites when I got clean, many of them “official” websites of organizations like AA and NA, and there were also a lot of independent forums and chat rooms and such where people where discussing recovery and addiction. But I never found anyone’s comprehensive instruction guide; there was really no “this is how I did it” kind of website. So I decided to make this website and let the whole world know: I was a hopeless drunk and a drug addict, and I couldn’t stand the thought of living life without drugs and alcohol, and I somehow managed to find a happy life in recovery. The information you need to do this is all here. I promise. Check it out.

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