How an Holistic Drug Rehab Can Help You to Recover

How an Holistic Drug Rehab Can Help You to Recover

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What would a holistic drug rehab center have to offer that differs from regular treatment centers?

The ideal holistic drug rehab should have:

1) A full medical detox with therapies such as a spa, sauna, and hot tubs. This might sound a bit over the top but these types of things can work wonders for those going through uncomfortable withdrawal, plus some would argue that the combination of hydration and sweating in the sauna can help to detoxify the body. Anything besides the usual hospital bed + smoking room would be a welcome change.

2) A treatment program that goes beyond traditional 12 step recovery and seeks to expand into learning, skills development, education, emotional growth, social skills, career exploration, and so on. I found that elimination was not enough I had to create a new life for myself in recovery. Without doing so recovery would become boring and uninteresting and relapse would inevitably follow.

3) A format that assists with the transition into long term recovery and actually living a recovery program out in the real world, instead of simply learning about triggers and urges from the relative safety and comfort of a protected environment.

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4) Focus on relationships and how to go about healing them or eliminating toxic relationships. Everything from cognitive-behavioral therapy to using role playing scenarios to work on specific relationship issues for individuals in treatment.

5) Physician involvement so that individuals can pursue drug therapies such as anti-craving or replacement therapy medications to supplement their recovery strategy if desired.

6) A heavy focus on after care and follow up programming, with deep exploration into personal goal setting and achievement calendar outlines. (I made that up but you get the idea get the client to plan out some goals and set to work at achieving them with a specific timeline in mind. This will also push people to realize their creative vision and start working towards what they want out of recovery rather than simply trying to eliminate the drugs and alcohol).

Because of all these things on our holistic wish list, such a treatment center would probably be:

1) Expensive

2) Long term

3) Not scalable (hard to duplicate, hard to serve lots of clients)

So this dream-rehab might be a bit of a dream (unless you are quite wealthy), but it is still a worthwhile thing to examine, because it give us some clues about what the ideal path to recovery is. The idea is to dedicate all of your energy to holistic growth, and find the resources necessary to help you with that.


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