• santosh

    pls send me emails regarding drug addiction, al anon etc

  • Thomas Posten RN BSN

    Dear Patrick,
    Thank you so very much for your e-books that you have provided for downloading (and your articles as well.) I am a Registered Nurse that is not a recovering alcoholic or addict, however, I seem to have found my purpose in life by working at a job that I love and have the opportunity to help individuals with addictive disorder problems. I work in a not for profit, free-standing, detoxification unit in Reno,NV. that provides services to those un-insured, indigent, homeless and anybody that does not have the usual resources to fund detoxification treatment for themselves. Those of us that are nurses and work at this facility do so because we choose to not because we have to. We make a much smaller salary than any other RN job pays in the area but that is not why we work where we do;it is taking care of some very unfortunate and physically ill citizens of Washoe County. Your books and articles have supplied me with a large collection of information and by giving your books to our patients just as you have written them is a gift from God. We do not have funds for purchasing books, pamphlets or other recovery oriented literature. If we had the money we could not purchase anything better than what you have provided. When I talk to my patients individually or as a group, I give them the downloaded work and we in a discussion type forum go over every page of the information. So, you continue to help others with addictive disorders without even knowing it. Unfortunately, we are only with the patients for 3 to 5 days for medical detoxification and the numbers of folks tha return to us time after time is very troubling. Some are only gone for a few days or weeks. In the three years we have been open, some of our patients have returned more that 15 times. Some are just not wanting to give up drugs and alcohol and once their medical detox is complete pick up right where they lift off – maybe someday they will see the seriousness of their problem. We do not turn anyone away regardless of the number of times they have been wiht us before. Others simply do not know what to do to stay abstinent; your easy to understand and direct instructions on this number one priority has help I know. Unfortunately, after 3 to 5 days with us there are often no available beds in rehab. programs. Those that do have beds require payment or insurance. We do have two Christian rehab programs on uor campus; Salvation Army and Reno Sparks Gospel Mission but many of our clients decline their services due to the religious component to their programs. There are a few programs in this area that are “sliding scale” and charge based on a patients’s ability to pay. So many of our poients leave after only a few days just because they are not yet ready to “take massive action” and maintaining complete abstinence is not an option for some. One patient told me recently that drinking every day to the point of extreme intoxication made living under the bridge a “little easier” So, pnce again thank you so much for all that you do for my patients through your books and articles. Thomas Posten, RN, BSN, WEST CARE Reno, Nevada