Incorporating Holistic Strategies to Overcome Drugs of Abuse

Incorporating Holistic Strategies to Overcome Drugs of Abuse

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Getting over drugs of abuse can be a very difficult challenge for any struggling drug addict who has been abusing drugs for a long time.  Addiction infects every area of our lives and the chronic drug abuser has become dependent on self medicating with chemicals as a way of life.  In order to overcome this, it takes a monumental amount of effort that most people severely underestimate at first.  The key is in taking action.

The experts say that you have to change everything if you are going to recover from addiction.  This is basically true and it starts with total and complete abstinence from all drugs, including alcohol.  If you can successfully moderate your chemical intake then you are on the wrong website.  Please go find another one.

Drugs of abuse become a habit and eventually they become necessary to function.  Undoing this way of life takes time and effort.  Most importantly, it takes real action.  What does this mean?  It means that the recovering addict must take positive action every single day in order to overcome their old way of life.  This is really an exercise in creating new healthy habits.  For example, the recovering addict might:

1) Attend 12 step meetings every single day in order to get support for not using drugs and alcohol.

2) Work with others in recovery on a daily basis as a means to reinforce their own recovery and boost self esteem.

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3) Start seeking personal growth in areas outside of addiction recovery, for example, through fitness and nutrition or through higher education.

4) Using a more holistic approach to their health.  For example, by quitting smoking, eating healthier foods, and exercising on a regular basis.  Intense exercise is a huge part of recovery that so many people miss out on.

5) Forming new social networks of recovering people.  This is what makes the 12 step program so powerful.  You are replacing old drinking and using buddies with positive people in recovery who all want to help you to stay clean.

And so on.  If you are going to make it in early recovery, then you need to take a massive amount of action and incorporate lots of ideas like the ones listed here, completely rearranging your lifestyle.  Doing this on a small or even medium scale is completely useless and will cause a relapse.  The addict must take massive action in creating these new habits in order to have a chance at staying clean in early recovery.

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