How We Can Manipulate Ourselves with Drug and Substance Abuse

How We Can Manipulate Ourselves with Drug and Substance Abuse


I spoke with a friend of mine today who continually seems to struggle with drug and substance abuse.  At one time he was clean and sober and not taking much medication at all.  Now he is fairly well mixed up and is prone to relapse on different substances from time to time.  But the real problem is not so much the occasional relapse, but rather it is the medications that he takes as prescriptions.

Right now he is taking addictive anxiety medications.  OK, fine.  But get this….he takes them 4 times per day.  That is an awful lot of medication for anxiety!  He used to take a different kind of addictive anxiety medicine, but has since switched over to this other kind….but it is still addictive.  So not much help there.  He also takes Antabuse on a regular basis because at one point he “had a problem with drinking.”  But now he feels much better about himself because he is not using any illegal drugs, and he is protected from alcohol abuse.  Or at least, this is what he tells himself in his mind.

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To some extent, it does not matter where the drugs come from (legal or illegal, street or prescription), nor does it matter if a doctor prescribed them to us or not.  The reason it does not matter is because we as drug addicts can very easily manipulate a doctor to get whatever it is that we want.  In some cases an addict might try to do this and fail, but most of them time they can get some sort of addictive medication prescribed to them.   Certainly more often than not, this will be the case.  We are our own best doctors. So it does very little good to go beg the doctor for addictive medications, and then abuse them and try to use the excuse that we are “only following the doctor’s orders here.”  Such logic is ridiculous.

And yet this is what the pill head may use as justification in order to feel good about themselves.  Instead of taking some action and facing reality without the crutch of self medicating, the struggling addict will just continue to hide in fear and demand that they have some sort of chemicals to put in their body.  They “have to have something,” they will often declare.  The thought of going without any drugs at all is truly terrifying for some people.

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Maybe some of us are just wired that way, and are never meant to get clean and sober.  I hope not.

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