Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Cannot Teach Conviction or Inspire Willingness

Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Cannot Teach Conviction or Inspire Willingness


Some of the best drug and alcohol rehabs are the ones that can motivate their clients to take action and really follow through with their treatment.  Being in rehab is easy to do and staying clean when you are in rehab is very easy to do as well.  The real key is what happens to the addict when they walk out the door of a rehab?  Do they return to their old lifestyle?  Do they take the suggestions that they learned at rehab and apply them in their daily life?  Do they adhere to the 12 step program and start attending meetings on the outside?   These are the sorts of issues that will make or break an early recovery.  The real test is what happens when the person leaves rehab.

Give that, the best alcohol and drug rehabs are the ones that are very pushy regarding aftercare.  If you can get your clients to follow through with their treatment program, and continue to put in effort and energy into staying clean and sober, then this will produce good results in the long run.  For example, say there are two clients who are leaving rehab.  One is assigned to go to 12 step meetings.  The other is assigned to go to counseling once a week, do 3 group therapy sessions at outpatient rehab, and also attend 12 step meetings.  Which one do you think will do better?  Actually it is a trick question.  Whichever one follows through the most will do better.  That’s right–even if it is the person who is only assigned to the 12 step meetings.

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You see, it has very little to do with what actions we take in recovery.  Our choice of treatment and the specific recovery therapies that we use have little bearing on our success.  What is important is our consistency with these actions, and our follow through on them.  You would think that the person assigned to outpatient groups, counseling, and 12 step meetings would do vastly better than the person who is only going to attend 12 step meetings alone.  But in fact, the only thing that really matters is if the addict in question can stick to their recovery solution and follow through with it.  The person who is only attending meetings is not at a disadvantage, as long as they put their heart and soul into their recovery.  The person who has 3 different types of therapy does not necessarily have an advantage, unless they, too, put their heart and soul into their recovery.

Resources are just tools.  The real benefit comes from our conviction.

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