Surrender is Necessary to Overcome Drug Abuse Addiction

Surrender is Necessary to Overcome Drug Abuse Addiction


Those that are struggling with drug abuse addiction should consider the idea of asking for help.  Many times, those who are merely abusing drugs end up making a change and moving on with their life, but in some cases this drug abuse will develop into hard core drug addiction, and the person will lose the ability to choose whether they want to use drugs or not.  This loss of choice is really what defines addiction in the first place.  If you have to use drugs, then you are addicted.  Simple as that.

So if you have crossed the line from abuse into addiction, what can you do?  Well most people are not instantly ready to take action and change their life at this point.  When they first admit to themselves that they are, in fact, addicted to drugs, the person is NOT yet at the point of change.  They know they have a serious problem but they are not yet at the point where they will do something about it.  They are still in denial, even though they know they have a serious problem.

There's Joy in the Letting Go
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Getting past this stage of denial requires them to accept, not admit but accept, on a really deep level, that they are truly an addict.  This level of acceptance needs to be realized before they can surrender fully to their disease and choose to take action.  Once they have surrendered fully then they can ask for help and start learning a new way to live their life.  Without this acceptance of their addiction and the surrender of their control over everything, they cannot move forward in recovery.

Why the need for surrender?  Because they have been struggling to control their drug use for so long, and they cannot do it.  This defines them as an addict.  They need to find a new way to live, and they have proven to themselves, over and over again, that they cannot figure this out for themselves.  If they could, they would stop abusing drugs and simply change on their own.  But they cannot.  They are addicted.  They need help.

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Before they can ask for this help, they must surrender.  This means that they throw up their hands and admit that they do not know how to live, and ask for help and direction.  This is the turning point in their lives.  If they are genuine about this process, then they will start absorbing new ways to live without abusing drugs.  This is the start of recovery.  Anything else, and the person is still stuck in denial, secretly trying to control things.

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