Information about Depression and Drug Addiction

Information about Depression and Drug Addiction


All over the world today, people face many problems. Like millions today, for instance, they face severe economic problems, problems paying rent, paying the bills, just even having enough to eat and sufficient clothing to wear. Other face family issues and the like.

While some can seemingly cope with the crises in their lives, sadly, others turn to other alternatives-not good ones. Some turn to the use of mind-altering drugs, especially when they suffer deep depression. Still others have developed and addiction to such drugs to the point that they have become chemically dependent.

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It has been observed for many years by psychiatrists, for example, that drug addiction has often been linked to depression. As one can probably imagine, not all mental health professionals agree. After all, many victims of depression often have had to take drugs to help them cope with their depression.

For instance, there are certain drugs on the market that are specifically designed to help severely depressed persons to cope with their depression, they are known as depressants, which is supposed to offset the chemical imbalances in a person’s body, which is what supposedly contributes to depression.

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Whether that actually occurs or not can be a matter of debate. One thing is that is not debatable is a person’s addiction to drugs, which some say is in itself psychological, since an individual is either becoming or is dependent on a mood-altering, mind-altering substance.

But nonetheless, according to consistent medical studies, there appears to be a linkage of a person’s drug addiction triggered or caused by bouts of depression. This is why there are drug programs that are designed to help chemicaly-addicted persons to find other viable alternatives to relying on pills and the like to “help them” cope with life’s realities.

In fact, many people turn to drugs for that very reason, to find something to help them deal with, or cope with their ‘personal demons’, as some may use the expression. But quite often, such individuals find their problems are still there after their drug addiction has worn off.

Obviously, there must be stronger alternatives for people to turn to when they are depressed rather than constantly relying on mind-altering substances. What are such alternatives?

Perhaps such persons need to develop a new choice of friends. Oftentimes, it is a person’s associates that shapes one values. If they associate with people who use drugs to help them cope with their problems, likely in time they are going to turn to the same things themselves.

Another is finding more constructive hobbies, such a painting, fishing, writing and the like. And referring to the above reason, it also may be helpful and constructive to find friends who have the above hobbies or at leats similar ones.

Still another important factor is spiritual values. Often having strong spiritual values as well as associating with others who possess such values can be a powerful support mechanism, instead of always relying on drugs to help one through a crisis in their lives.

Let others know about your determination to break clean of drug addiction as a solution to depression, one’s family, friends, spiritual leaders and the like. This can go a long way in fighting and finally succeeding against the drug habit.

Yes, problems abound in this present life, but it is how you cope with them is what will determine whether you will survive them. Like a navigator of a ship during stormy times, one will be able to successfully steer their life course to safety without causing shipwreck-in thic case addiction to mind-altering drugs.

So take charge of your life-don’t let drugs make you their slave. Find more viable ways to cope with depression.

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