Creative Recovery Starts with Vision but Emphasizes Action

Creative Recovery Starts with Vision but Emphasizes Action


Creative recovery starts with a creative vision of course.

Or, more specifically, you need a creative vision to strive towards in recovery. How do you find this vision? The key is to raise your awareness. When you do so you uncover things that you want to change about yourself. This is universally true regardless of what recovery program you choose to apply to your life.

For example, just the decision to get clean and sober requires a jump in awareness. In active addiction, we existed in denial in order to keep the cycle going without having to face our real problems. In order to make a start on recovery we had to make that mental leap and then follow it up with action. This is otherwise known as making a decision. We went from increasing our awareness of ourselves to realizing that we want to change our lives. Awareness leads to vision which leads to action. This is the basic formula of change.

Of course after you have been clean and sober for a while you will want to start actively creating a new life for yourself. This is the payoff in recovery, that you have gained freedom from addiction and can get back to living a real life. So what are you going to do?

Creation starts with self awareness. If you get calm and quiet and tune in to your self then eventually you will discover some vision for your life. What are you inspired to do with your life? What is your vision? What are your goals? You might have to dig around for a while for these things to surface.

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Perhaps it will also help to back up for a moment and simply consider your short term goals. Maybe you want to be a healthier person because you have become aware that you don’t feel so great from a physical standpoint. So you might resolve to become healthier through diet and exercise.

If this is the case then you have your vision that came from a rise in self awareness. The key is to put this into action as quickly as possible. Some of the thought from various new age movements would have you spend more time on visualization at this point. I disagree. The faster you transition to action the faster you will see results.

Think about it. The same was true with getting clean and sober, right? Let’s say you were coming off your last bender and you started playing with the idea of finally asking for help and getting sober. Would it have served you well to work on visualizing your new life in recovery while continuing to drink some more? Of course not! The key was in taking immediate action. Even the smallest of steps could have produced meaningful results after this decision (such as calling a treatment center).

So let’s say you have a creative vision for yourself that is life-changing and really quite big. It might be so overwhelming as to prevent you from really getting started on it. This has to change. What you need to do instead is to break that vision down into actionable goals. What is the first action that you could take today to move towards this creative vision? If you can’t define that action, then narrow it down even further until you can take action right now.

If nothing moves, nothing moves. This is the great secret of creative recovery. It’s about doing stuff.

In the creative theory of recovery, it’s 10 percent vision and 90 percent action. This goes against traditional new-age wisdom that places such a high importance on visualization over action.

So your goal? Take action today. Define your vision and start moving towards it now.

If you don’t have a vision or goal then start paying attention to your body and to your life. If you watch closely enough then you will find things that you are less than satisfied with. Then simply picture your life with these things being fixed. That is your creative vision and you can start taking action towards it immediately.

Use creative vision but emphasize action. Succeed.


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