Assessing Your Path of Growth and Making Changes In Addiction Recovery

Assessing Your Path of Growth and Making Changes In Addiction Recovery

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Is it worth it to assess your path of growth in recovery?

You bet it is. This is the key to conscious living. Occasionally, we want to step back and really take a look at our growth efforts, so that we don’t drift into complacency and stagnation.

Ask yourself this question: “If I repeat my actions today every day for the next year, will that get me to where I want to be in life?

Think about that question for a moment. Where do you really want to be in 5 years? What do you want to be doing? Then consciously consider if your current actions from today are going to realistically get you there.

If your actions from today are not going to produce the life you want, then you’re just kidding yourself. Perhaps you’re playing a mental game where you say “oh, I’ll work on those goals at some point in the future.” This is not a realistic path to growth. Tomorrow never comes. It’s always today.

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So the key of course is to live consciously, in that you realize that the only day that is creating your future is today.

An example: going back to school

I had an idea in early recovery that I would eventually go back to college. At the time it was just an idea, something I tossed around in my mind in order to feel good about myself.

But one day, a lot sooner than I had planned on, my sponsor in recovery sort of jumped on me and prodded me to get going on the whole school thing. He forced the issue and basically said “what are you waiting for? The time is now…..go do it!

So I did. I went to a community college the next day and filled out the enrollment application. Fast forward to several years later, and I have since graduated with a degree.

The point here is that I had stagnated in my growth. I was content to just keep “working my program” without any real thoughts of growing in other areas. I had become comfortable in the idea that I would go back to school “some day.” Notice the word “comfortable” in that last sentence–that is an indication of complacency. When we are pushing ourselves to grow we are rarely comfortable in doing so. But when we stick to our comfort zone, then we run the risk of becoming complacent.

This is one of the great challenges of long term sobriety: continuously pushing ourselves to grow on a consistent basis.

Action items – what you can do:

1) Assess your growth – What are you pushing yourself to learn? How are you trying to grow? In what areas?

2) Beware of stagnation – Be vigilant in fighting off the comfort zone. Don’t allow yourself to just coast. How can you challenge yourself to grow?

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