Alternative Addiction Recovery Course – Start with a Decision to Change Your...

Alternative Addiction Recovery Course – Start with a Decision to Change Your Life


Any good program of recovery starts with the idea of total surrender and the willingness to change your life, and this one is no different.

You still have to commit fully to the idea of change.  There is no way around that, no matter what type of program you may follow.  Yes, it really is all about change!

People who do well in recovery are those who have truly hit bottom and really surrendered fully to the idea that they can never drink or take drugs like a normal person can, ever again.

Your odds of staying clean and sober in the long run are greatly increased if you:

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….are completely miserable due to drinking or drugging and you want a way out.

….have lost things in your life due to your addiction or suffered great consequences because of it.

….are sick and tired of trying to self medicate yourself and hold your life together without going crazy.

….want something better in this life and want to be happy again.

If you still happen to be drinking or using drugs and you are moving closer to the point of surrender then there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind in order to help accelerate this process:

* Pay attention to how happy you are at various times throughout the week in relation to your drug or alcohol use.  Are you always happy?  Are you happy for one hour each day?  For only an hour or two each week?  Start honestly measuring how much time you spend actually being happy and content.  Is your drug of choice really doing for you what it used to do?  Does it produce happiness for you all day, every day?  Or is the happiness more of a fleeting memory that you are just chasing now?

* Do you remember the good times from when your drug or alcohol use was more fun?  Are you trying to recreate those good times by using your drug of choice?  Is it working?

* What is the point of your drinking or drugging?  Are you medicating your emotions?  Are you medicating physical pain?  Are you just trying to have a good time?  Is it working?  Is it working as well as it used to work?  Do you think it will ever work well again?

Ask yourself these questions when you wake up some time and are relatively sober.  Really think about them and realize that–for the addicts and alcoholics out there that are reading this–the answers should all point to the idea that IT IS OVER.  The fun is gone.  The ability to medicate your pain is gone.  Now it is just a fleeting a memory that you have of how well your drug of choice once worked for you.  Those days are gone and you cannot get them back.  Time to get sober and move on with your life instead.

Obviously no one can make this decision for you.  I cannot convince you to make the decision either.  But please do yourself a favor and at least ask yourself these hard questions when you are lucid, and really think about the answers.  Is it worth chasing that high every day?

I know that it used to be worth it….that is how it is with every addict and alcoholic.  Of course it used to be worth it.  When we first started, our drug of choice was wonderful, and it caused very few problems.  But at some point you have to get realistic, and say to yourself

“You know what?  It is no longer worth chasing that high every day, just to medicate myself and feel halfway normal.  I can feel halfway normal without the drugs and the alcohol if I get myself properly detoxed and on the road to recovery.”

Yes, you can have a “normal” life again, but you have to make the decision to do so.

And you will not make that decision until you either:

* Are miserable enough to try something new.

* Are courageous enough to see through your denial and realize that self medicating is no longer working for you.

Those are the only two ways to make the decision and so those are the two ideas that you need to start pondering and working towards.

If you have not yet stopped self medicating then you might bookmark or favorite this article and come back and read it again some time.  You are the only one who can make the decision but this post hopes to remind you of why it will never get any better until you surrender and try a new way of life!

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