Holistic Growth Should be Part of Any Alcoholism Addiction Treatment

Holistic Growth Should be Part of Any Alcoholism Addiction Treatment


The best method of alcoholism addiction treatment, in my opinion, is one that incorporates holistic growth principles and pushes people to grow personally.  Traditional recovery methods do this in a way but in most cases do not do it enough.  For example, traditional alcohol addiction treatment has a strong emphasis on spiritual growth, and while this is fine in many respects, it does take away from a more holistic and balanced approach to recovery in some instances.  Is the program holistic, or is it spiritual?  Traditionally it is spiritual, and this can create a weakness for many people.  At the same time, it also creates an opportunity for real growth to occur, because anyone can make the shift to holistic growth and start expanding their growth horizons.

Understand that an holistic program of recovery is all encompassing.  It includes spiritual growth.  But it goes far beyond that, and includes things such as:

1) Physical fitness and nutrition.

2) Emotional balance and stability.

3) Spiritual growth.

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4) Learning and education.

5) Losing bad habits (like smoking for instance).

6) Self improvement, personal development.

And so on.  In other words, the holistic approach to addiction treatment is not just limited to spirituality.  This can produce awesome results in terms of a person’s quality if life in recovery, as well as to enhance their chances at staying sober overall.

Addiction treatment for alcoholism that encourages this type of growth is, unfortunately, not cheap.  The best treatment centers in the world are the ones that use a holistic approach, which of course costs more time, money, and demand a higher quality of care all around.  It also requires more options, as the idea is to find new growth experiences in several different areas of life.  It is not enough to just focus on spiritual growth in recovery.  The solution is holistic and that means a varied approach.

This becomes especially true for those who have tried to stop drinking using traditional methods and failed repeatedly.  They love to say not to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results….so take them at their word and try something different.  If the spiritual emphasis does not work for you, then try a holistic approach that is varied and powerful enough to encompass all kinds of growth in recovery.  Those who attempt to make growth in new areas of their life and going to experience a better rate of success, as well as having a higher quality of recovery in general.

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