Motivation and Willingness are Important for Alcoholics Going to Rehab

Motivation and Willingness are Important for Alcoholics Going to Rehab


For most alcoholics rehab represents an opportunity for them to start a new life, but only if they are truly ready to make the necessary changes.  This means being in a state of total and complete surrender.

You can measure this level of surrender and know beforehand if the person is ready to stay sober or not. The way to measure it is to see where their level of willingness is at and any resistance to the idea of treatment.

If they are 100 percent willing and have zero resistance then they have surrendered fully.  If they are still trying to manipulate the situation in any way, then they are not ready to get sober.

Say, for example, they are willing to get help but they are trying to dictate where or when or what facility they will go to and so on.  This type of person is not done drinking yet.  They have more drinking to do before they are ready to get sober.  If they were truly done drinking, then they would not argue about where they are going to rehab or when or for how long or any of those things.  If they are putting conditions on their treatment then they have pretty much already relapsed.  It is inevitable.

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Now if the alcoholic is ready for rehab then you can take them anywhere, it really does not matter much. Don’t be concerned with which treatment center you choose or what type of treatment philosophy they have or how many counselors there are.  None of that stuff matters one bit.  It is all completely irrelevant.  The person is either fully surrendered and is ready to get sober, or they are still hanging on to a bit of denial and nothing you do will matter.  If they are not fully surrendered then it does not matter if you take them to the greatest rehab in the world…they will not stay sober.

You see, rehab for alcoholism does not actually change the person’s motivation.  It does not actually convince an alcoholic to stop drinking.  If that were the case then they would be like magic and they would cost a lot more money to attend.  But the fact is that rehab is just a place where an alcoholic can dry out safely and get a bit of support.  There is no magic there.  They cannot actually change the alcoholic’s mind.  So just understand this when you are trying to find the right place to take an alcoholic.  Anywhere will do just fine.

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