Do Alcohol Rehab Programs Prepare You for Holistic Recovery?

Do Alcohol Rehab Programs Prepare You for Holistic Recovery?


The best alcohol rehab programs are those that challenge people to create a new life for themselves and to grow holistically.  In a way, 12 step programs can do just that, but only for those who are highly motivated to move beyond the usual complacency that sets in soon after finding a baseline of sobriety.

What happens in most rehab programs is that people strip the drugs and alcohol out of their life and then they scramble to find some sort of peace and contentment.  Most people use 12 step programs and group therapy as an outlet to keep themselves sane as they remain sober. In most cases, people dump their problems on others and use socialization as a means of coping and therapy.  This is not the exact intention behind the 12 step program but it seems to work for most.  Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, doing the bare minimum in a 12 step program is not enough to really live an awesome life in recovery.  It will keep you sober for quite a while but ultimately you risk complacency and eventual relapse if you are not “taking your recovery to the next level.”

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So what is this “next level” of recovery?  What are the alcohol rehabilitation programs that can get you there–to quality, long term sobriety?  Well as stated above a 12 step program will get you there just fine as long as you are highly motivated and actually put in the work.  Recovery takes action to succeed….there is no way around this hard truth.  In fact, it matters very little what program of recovery you attempt to use in order to stay sober, as the action is what actually produces good results.  There is no magic formula in any program that leads to success.  Hard work and consistent action leads to success.  Recovery programs are just simple sets of instructions.  There is no magic in them.

Therefore, the best drug and alcohol rehab programs inspire people to take lots and lots of action. That is where the success and the leverage come into play, when people are really getting active in recovery and dedicating huge amounts of time and effort into recovery.  Anything less than this will produce substandard results at best, and quick relapse at the worst.  Those who take positive action early in recovery and make it into a habit and then a lifestyle are the ones who succeed.  Holistic growth and personal development are all part of this positive action plan that anyone can be inspired to follow.  Consistent, positive action are what make a difference in early recovery from addiction.

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