Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centers that Teach an Holistic Approach

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centers that Teach an Holistic Approach


Most alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers will do everything that they can to inspire their clients to take action and really turn their life around.  They try to do this in a number of different ways.  For example, most rehabs will have a series of groups and lectures that occur every single day that attempt to inform the addict and alcoholic about how to live a clean and sober life.  They attempt to teach the client what is necessary to live clean.

The rehab centers go beyond this and also try to introduce the client to an ongoing support system, as over 90 percent of rehabs use the 12 step program as a foundation for their recovery efforts.  They either have 12 step meetings brought into their rehab center, or they take their clients out to real world meetings on the outside.

Most drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers also use individual therapists to help counsel their clients.  In this way, a therapist can give specific advice and address specific issues that a client may be having.

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The key to early recovery is to put all of these techniques together for a client in early recovery and somehow inspire them to take massive action.  If the client is willing to put in a ton of effort and a ton of work into their recovery, then this will produce decent results when it comes to staying clean and sober.   Without massive action and massive effort, they are not likely to stay clean for any reasonable length of time.

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The second thing that a rehab wants to instill in their clients is holistic treatment for addiction.  This can be tough to do because as you try to teach holistic principles that lead to success in long term recovery, you simultaneously weaken your focus on short term recovery action.  In other words, the key in early recovery is to get the client to have a laser focus on the core actions that will keep them clean and sober in the short run: things like daily meetings, outpatient therapy, getting a sponsor, and so on.  You want immediate action and you want laser focus and you want them to take massive action.

The conflicting message here is that in long term recovery, you actually want the opposite.  You want balance and a more laid back approach to life.  No longer do you need a laser focus to stay clean when you are 5 years into recovery.  Now you need balance and harmony in your life.  So it is a real challenge to present these two sides of the same recovery coin in rehab.

A balanced approach makes more sense in long term recovery because:

* Eventually the extreme focus needed to overcome the threat of relapse in early sobriety becomes unnecessary.  At that point, balance and personal growth make more sense, rather than extreme focus.

* Addicts and alcoholics have a tendency to obsess over things and go overboard in many cases.  Seeking balance is a good way to prevent this tendency from taking over.

* Holistic growth is more likely to occur when seeking a balanced lifestyle.  This is good for fighting complacency and staving off relapse.

So really the holistic approach to addiction makes sense because it incorporates the idea of balanced growth.

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