Avoid Making a Modest Effort at Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment

Avoid Making a Modest Effort at Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment


The key to alcohol and drug abuse treatment is always going to be willingness on the part of the individual.  So many people would prefer that this not be true–and that there were some magic cure out there that could somehow produce good results for people who are struggling with addiction.  But there are no magic cures, and there is only hard work.

If you interview a hundred addicts and alcoholics who have multiple years of success in recovery, and ask them if they had to work really, really hard in order to stay clean and sober, I can guarantee that every single one of them will answer that “yes, they did have to work very, very hard to stay clean and sober.”  This is going to be universal.  No one will say that it was easy.  Not a single person you ask will say that it was pretty easy to do.  This is a big clue, folks!

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Every person who went to inpatient alcohol treatment will say that the real test only began after they left rehab and got home again.  Every single recovering addict and alcoholic will say that they had to take a massive amount of action in order to get through early recovery.  None of them will say that it only took a modest effort.  This will never be stated.  It will always be extreme effort, a massive effort, a truly monumental experience that was needed in order to change their life.  Should this not be a huge clue to what it really takes in order to recover?  Does this not the point the way for the newcomer in recovery?

The key is massive action.  If you take modest action, you will fail.  You will relapse.

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That means that you can do all the right thing….you can go to AA meetings every single day, you can get a sponsor and sort of half heartedly work through the steps with them, you can go to IOP classes, you can attend counseling, and so on…..you can do all of these things, but if you are not going above and beyond, if you are not putting in extra effort into your recovery, if you are not taking massive action in order to help yourself to recover, then you are going to fail.  You can still do all the right things, and go through the motions, but still end up relapsing, because you are not taking massive action.

Massive action = success in recovery.

Massive action is the key to successful treatment due to the fact that:

* A modest effort in recovery always produces relapse, even if you see some success over the short term.  In the long run, you need to have the foundation that comes from taking lots of positive action early on in your recovery.

* Taking lots of positive action has a cumulative effect in your life, compounding all of the benefits that comes when you put in extra effort.  Put in a small amount of effort and you are likely to be disappointed in most cases.

* Personal growth can be achieved in recovery but obviously it takes hard work.  This is the key to overcoming complacency, however, so you will need to put maximum effort into building a better life for yourself.  Creating self esteem happens when you focus hard on growth.

Doing less than this generally produces a slow but definite slide towards relapse.

Just ask those that have done it….


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