Abstinence is the Best Solution for Alcohol and Addiction

Abstinence is the Best Solution for Alcohol and Addiction


Some people separate alcohol and addiction in their minds, or they mix up the idea of drugs and alcohol as being different, but there is no need to be confused.  Alcohol is just another drug.  It is packaged as a liquid and it is sold everywhere like water, but it is still a drug.  Other drugs can be packaged and sold in the same way.  But our social conditioning sometimes makes us think of alcohol differently.  It has become more acceptable than other drugs, so we put it in a different category in our minds.  “Alcohol and drugs.”  No, they are all drugs.  Alcohol is just another drug, folks.

Anyone can become addicted to alcohol if they abuse it for long enough.  Many people seemingly abuse alcohol quite a bit, but never become alcoholic, so this can be a bit misleading.  But everyone can potentially become addicted if they continue to abuse alcohol over and over again for long periods of time.  Eventually their body chemistry will change and that will seal the deal.  Others are born addicted to it and they will know it the first time they take a drink that they are hooked.

Alcohol is not the most addictive drug in the world, but it is more addictive than some others.  Most people do not get addicted so this can be deceptive to others.  It is often seen as being quite harmless, but there is real potential for addiction there.

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If you or someone you know has become addicted to alcohol, then the solution is best understood as being abstinence based. Pretty much every alcoholic will try for years and years to moderate their drinking and still enjoy it, but ultimately they will always fail at this.  The reason denial is so prevalent is because they will occasionally be able to moderate successfully, but the majority of the time they will have problems with how much they drink.  Or, they will not drink enough and they will be miserable and unable to enjoy themselves.  That is the fine line that an alcoholic walks when they try to manage their drinking.

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Typically, an alcoholic might struggle for years with this before they accept the fact that they cannot drink like normal people.  It is a crushing admission and a necessary step if they are to try a path of abstinence.  Once they surrender in this way, then real healing can begin and they can start living a new life.

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