Holistic Growth and Balance Make for the Best Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Holistic Growth and Balance Make for the Best Alcohol Abuse Treatment


The best form of alcohol abuse treatment is in long term holistic growth.  Most people are more apt to think instantly of the more traditional forms of alcohol treatment, such as inpatient rehab centers and 12 step meetings.  But in the end, those who stay clean and sober are the ones who learn how to live in a state of continuous holistic growth.  This is true whether they are working a formal program of recovery, whether they are in AA or not, and whether they acknowledge this holistic growth or not.

Holistic growth is key.

There is nothing fancy about the term “holistic.”  By talking about holistic growth, we are merely referring to the “whole person.”  So if someone in recovery is only focusing on spiritual growth and nothing else, then we would not call that holistic (many people actually do this, by the way).

Instead, someone in recovery who is focused on holistic growth might instead be focusing on:

1) Physical health and wealth being, such as through quitting smoking, daily exercise, breathing exercises through meditation, and so on.  Possibly nutrition as well.

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2) Emotional health and balance – by eliminating stressful activities and finding healthy ways to relax and unwind. Also through improving relationships and eliminating negative ones from your life.

3) Spirituality. Yes, this still plays a big part.  But it is no longer the whole pie, and it never should have been.  Recovery is holistic, not spiritual.  But this is still a key piece.

4) Social aspect – unfortunately, many pay lip service to spirituality, forget about holistic growth altogether, and simply focus on social interaction in recovery.  An example of this is someone who stays sober strictly due to meeting attendance and nothing else.  If they stop going to meetings, they relapse.  This is not recovery, it is dependency.  Social growth and interaction is important in recovery, but if you base your sobriety on it exclusively (as many do) then you are on thin ice.

All about balance

When I was in rehab they gave a lecture on “balanced lifestyle.”  I thought they were nuts, and I thought that it did not apply to me.  I was wrong.  Balance is the key to long term success in recovery.  Take a look at the holistic growth that can be achieved and work on something each day.  This is the key to continuous growth in recovery.  If you just focus on spiritual growth then you will hit a wall eventually.

Seek holistic growth as the best path in alcohol abuse treatments.

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