4 Keys to Successful Holistic Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation

4 Keys to Successful Holistic Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation


One of the biggest keys to alcohol abuse rehabilitation is that the person who is trying to get help has to put in a tremendous amount of effort and action into their recovery.  Now this can become fairly confusing for some people because some of us suffer from the illusion that thinking about our recovery is the same thing as taking action in our recovery.  True alcohol rehabilitation goes far beyond merely wishing that things were different, and puts us into real action with actively pursuing a new life in recovery.

One of the benefits of holistic alcohol treatment is that this drive to change our life and achieve balance and harmony becomes something of a long term goal in our recovery.  Instead of merely going to meetings every day and trying to maintain a sober existence, the holistic approach to recovery has us pushing ourselves to grow, learn, and develop in new ways.  For example, instead of merely pursuing spiritual growth as they do in traditional recovery programs, a holistic alcohol rehabilitation would have us:

1) Seek emotional stability in our lives (possibly through meditation and managing our relationships better).

2) Develop ourselves and our mental skills (possibly by going back to school or learning new skills).

3) Work on our physical body as a vehicle of good health (such as by quitting smoking, exercising regularly, and improving our nutritional habits).

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4) Work on our social skills (such as by reaching out to others in recovery who need our health and leadership to help them get clean and sober).

And so on.  There are actually a lot more areas than just these basic 4 that I have outlined here that can be explored in holistic recovery.  The important thing is not to limit yourself to just spiritual pursuits, as so many people have a tendency to do in early recovery under the guidance of various programs.

Real recovery is holistic–it goes beyond just being spiritual in nature.  If spirituality was all we needed for recovery, then everyone could simply return to their religion of choice (if they had one) or attach themselves to a new one.  But the fact is that addiction is more complex than just a spiritual malady–it infects more areas of our lives than just the spiritual realm.  So the solution, too, is more than just spiritual.  It is holistic.

A good alcohol rehabilitation program will address these holistic needs and go beyond the spiritual solution, which is incomplete by itself.


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