Holistic Treatment in an Alcohol Abuse Program

Holistic Treatment in an Alcohol Abuse Program


The best sort of alcohol abuse program is one that utilizes an holistic approach to recovery.  This can be a complex subject in the face of what would appear to be a rather simple problem.  If someone is drinking too much then surely the solution is for them to simply cut down or stop entirely, right?  Well if you examine existing solutions for alcohol abuse and alcoholism then you will see that this level of simplicity is not enough to cope with the problem of addiction.

The main reason for this is because addiction and alcohol abuse is a multi-dimensional disease.  It is not just a spiritual disorder.  Nor is it just a physical dependency.  The problem is that alcohol addiction affects every area of a person’s life, and in fact it comes to completely dominate their life in every way.  For example, their body suffers from the physical affects of the alcohol abuse, as well as to become physically dependent on the stuff.  Socially, the alcohol abuser falls into a pattern of either isolation or associating only with “drinking buddies.”  Mentally their mind is clouded and fogged over to the point where they are nowhere near as sharp as they could be.  Emotionally they are masking all of their fears and frustrations and they have not really confronted reality in a long long time.  Spiritually they have become bankrupt and may only briefly pray to their higher power in order to get out of a jam.

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So as you can see, the addiction or the abuse affects a person in multiple ways.  Therefore, what do you think the ideal solution is to this sort of problem?  It must be holistic.  That does not mean that it must be some strange new-age solution.  What holistic means is that the solution must treat the “whole” person. So a program that only addresses the spiritual component of the disease is seriously lacking for this purpose, and does not really offer a comprehensive solution to addiction.  A truly holistic solution will contain a spiritual element to it, but also focus on other areas of the alcoholic’s life as well.

If you or someone you love is abusing alcohol, then there is a lot more to the solution than simply removing alcohol from the equation.  In fact, doing so is really only the tip of the iceberg.  In order to stay abstinent and start living a new way of life, the alcoholic must take serious action and find a way to apply the holistic approach in their life.

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