5 Things You Can do to Start Creating a New Life Today

5 Things You Can do to Start Creating a New Life Today


The creative theory of recovery is a nice idea, but how do we actually practice it on a daily basis? Here are 5 ways that you can kick-start your creative efforts:

1) Exercise – Get out and move your body. This is so important that most people will severely underestimate it as a component of their recovery. Those who start a vigorous exercise routine and stick with it for a while will one day look back and wonder how they ever lived without it. Exercise generates self esteem and fights depression right at the source. Simple and effective.

2) Education – This is a path of growth that can also boost self esteem. We can always stand to learn more and in doing so we are stimulating all the right brain cells and challenging ourselves in a positive way. Remember that we are on a path of personal growth in recovery. Success breeds success.

3) Eliminate – the negative in your life. Quit smoking. Walk away from toxic relationships. Make a plan to get out of a dangerous living environment. Sometimes we need to make room for positive creative efforts. The negative things in our lives are opportunities for creation.

4) Connect – with others and try to help them. Do what you can to help without enabling.

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5) Practice gratitude – This is the mindset of joy that you’ll arrive at from practicing the creative life. Take a shortcut and just decide to be grateful for a day. Appreciate every little situation and experience that you are given throughout the day. This is the mindset that produces growth and learning.

Alternatively, you could simply ask yourself: “How can I take care of myself today?” If you have negative habits in your life (such as smoking) then you should focus on eliminating or minimizing those for the day. Or, come up with a solid plan to eliminate those habits.

If you’re already taking action in this area of your life, ask yourself “How can I push myself to grow today?” This might challenge you to explore something new, or even motivate yourself to get out there and exercise a bit.

Finally, you might also ask yourself “How can I connect with others today?” You might call up a friend in recovery or go to a meeting.

In this way you can use the 3 strategies of creative recovery to initiate real action in your life: Caring for yourself, personal growth, and networking with others. It is your responsibility to motivate yourself to take action in these areas. Once you do so the benefits will quickly kick in and you will be happy that you took action.

The key to recovery is action. We don’t create a new life for ourselves by sitting on the couch all day. Use these strategies to guide you towards positive action and your life will start to transform.


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