Substance abuse counselor jobs

Substance abuse counselor jobs


It takes a dedicated individual to continuously perform all the duties with Substance abuse counselor jobs. It takes a special person to be committed to the all the steps to help assist in someones sobriety day in and day out. To clarify, this type of substance counselor is one who specifically dedicates themselves in helping others who suffer from drug or alcohol problems. They consistently counsel addicts and those who are former or recovering addicts. It is a challenging field that takes a lot of heart. From providing help with an intervention to helping the friends and families of substance abuse addicts whose lives are sometimes severely effected by the addict. A substance counselor is not a doctor and generally works under the guide of a psychologist or physician.

Those who counsel addicts sometimes work for specific treatment or rehabilitation facilities. Some work for hospitals and others are a part of sober housing facilities. No matter where the counselor resides to provide their help, they are trained and equipped to handle all sorts of behavioral issues, outbursts, emotional challenges and more. They are trained to provide job skills to former and recovering addicts so they can become sober functioning parts of society for a better and healthier way of life. They give addicts life tools on how to deal with everyday life issues or pressures that in the past would turn them to drugs or alcohol. Substance or drug abuse counselors are often referred to as drug counselors and behavioral counselors. Regardless of the title, they all serve the same purpose to help counsel and treat all addicts with a goal to get them on the road to recovery for a sober life.

The duties with a drug counselor do not just end with teaching a few tools and having a few chats. Addiction counselors need to know how to write up and maintain patient records at all times. They consult with the professionals above them about their patients and they need to be able to come up with or help develop plans that are suited for the addict and their needs for what will make for a successful recovery. They also seek to help out and take place in crisis interventions in the area. These counselors learns about detoxing and how to round up group therapy sessions. The job duties are endless with addiction counselors but it is the right job for someone who has a passion to help others in need. It can be a very demanding and emotional position to hold but it is a job that is one of the most important of it’s kind. As heartbreaking as it can be to help counsel an addict through his or her recovery and then to see them relapse is hard. But the dedication of these counselors never end and their commitment to the sobriety of all that come there way is always strpong. An addiction counselor always sees a sober life at the end of the tunnel.

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