Why Residential Rehab Works Better than Other Solutions

Why Residential Rehab Works Better than Other Solutions


Anyone who needs to get off of drugs or alcohol and somehow get there life turned around can benefit greatly from residential rehab.  There are a number of reasons why inpatient rehab can be a huge life changer for those who are struggling with addiction.  Let’s take a look.

1) Residential drug rehab is a profound interruption in your normal routine. This is critical for breaking free from the routine of addiction.  If you just stopped using drugs but continued to go through the motions of your every day life, then you are going to be tempted left and right to relapse.  Most addicts have fallen into patterns of addiction and have set up their entire lives around using drugs and alcohol every day.  Even the people we see and hang around with are usually people we use drugs with.

So breaking up this routine is extremely important in early recovery and going to residential treatment is a good way to do this.  Without this separation and break in your routine, it will be very hard to stay clean and sober for the first few weeks of your recovery.

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2) Residential treatment programs offer resources. If you are like most addicts and alcoholics then you are going to need some extra help and support in order to start living a clean and sober life.  This might be in the form of daily meetings, outpatient treatment, one on one counseling, or some other form of therapy.  At any rate, you can get these sorts of things set up while you are in rehab, so that you have a better chance at staying clean and sober once you leave treatment.

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3) Residential programs offer peer support. It is most likely that if you attend a typical inpatient rehab, you will be exposed to 12 step programs such as AA and NA.  This is a huge part of many people’s recovery because the ongoing support that you can get at meetings after leaving treatment is quite significant.  While it does not work for everyone, this sort of recovery program is certainly widely available and it is basically a free form of aftercare.

In addition to this, you will make connections with your peers while in treatment, thus learning how these connections can help you in your recovery.  You will learn the benefit of networking and the value it has to your recovery.  We need help in order to recover, especially in early recovery, so this emphasis on peer support in residential rehab is important.

Keep in mind that without going to inpatient, you sacrifice:

1) Stability in your environment because now you are on the outside and exposed to constant triggers to relapse.

2) Less focused on recovery due to distractions from the outside world.

3) Less medical attention and expertise that might be necessary due to complications in going through the detox process and starting to feel normal again.  When you take away the drugs and the alcohol you might start to notice health problems that you never knew existed before because you were self medicating.  Being in inpatient helps you to deal with such issues.

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